Kate's Katelabs Worlds 2

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These are the .KL files I made while building katelabs 2.0. There's pretty much everything I posted screenshots of during development. REQUIRES CURRENT VERSION OF KATELABS TO RUN: https://thewaether.itch.io/katelabs/devlog/220673/katelabs-20-update

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An event


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This is so cool! Thanks for

This is so cool! Thanks for making such an exciting tool. Not sure if it's possible, but would be really cool if this could run on mac/linux too, but i'm sure that's been asked before. i have both computers around so let me know if you ever make a build and want me to test.

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katelabs is made in blitz so

katelabs is made in blitz so I have no idea how to make mac/linux builds- it's possible there's an ancient user library for it- but I don't know. If I could I would, though.

thanks for playing the world's and enjoying katelabs! it means a lot to me when people wanna mess around with it