The Adventures Of Mike The Great 6

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Stage 1 enemies: Orntong
Stage 2 enemies: Kamenuyka
Miniboss 1: Robobo the tech head
Stage 3 enemies Ostraya Kamenuyka
Pretty cube
Miniboss 2: Spi-die-mer
Boss: Main Chewak

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Michael is outstanding! I

Michael is outstanding! I got stuck at Robobo the tech head, any tips on getting passed this part? Michaels theme song would be something like this:

My favorite part was when on level 2 mike could only shoot to the left but you had to move to the right so the level was blank. Level 2 was a fantastic challenge. I havent had a game give me a good clench like this in too long!

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Big thanks, yeah Robobo the tech head is very hard, i dont have any tips, but you need to jump while the laser is in a convenient place for you. Because if he is not, then it will be impossible to dodge

To beat Robobo

Jump the laser and the metal waves, gradually moving yourself to the middle of the screen. There's one more opening after maybe the third laser is fired, then you'll have to move back to the left side of the screen again.

If you have held down the FIRE button, by the time you start moving back to the center of the screen it'll be defeated. Good luck!

MtG 6, FTW

This is easily my favourite game in the series to date. Varied levels and challenges, interesting and classic designs for both the stages and the bosses (I like your implementation of the click-and-drag with the mouse for this one), and of course my fave sound effect is still there at the end.

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