Eight Free Sound Effects

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i hope this is okay. if it gets taken down that's okay

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"Cardigan" reminds me of a Smashing Pumpkins song, and now I'll never hear it the same way again (the song sounds so much better now, so thanks!). And now I want to make a game where someone evades a fist, just so I can use "Dotch!" as the corresponding sound effect.

Also, I had to take the "?" off the one file name while extracting it, else it would return an error. Otherwise it all extracted just fine. People using voice to make sound effects is always awesome. :-D


:D oh crud thanks for pointing out the '?' error! these are songs/sounds that i have been singing to myself either in the past year. DOTCH is the oldest of them. i like that it's close to the word DODGE, which is what you seem to be describing . . . !
cardigan is the second to oldest sound on there for me. it /is/ the smashing pumpkins song. to me these fictional lyrics basically fill in the sentiment of what the song is making me feel.
i like to hear the ways that people rewrite/mishear songs in their heads. like once someone said they thought the background vocals of the lion king's circle of life was 'pink pajamas, penguin on the bottom' or, in 'i try' by macy gray, they thought she was saying 'i blow bubbles when you are not there'. things like that. nonsense is the stuff of bonding to me. where does the brain go when it's time to be aimless? what sound effects does one exude then? thanks for playing!