Oh No: It's Yoko Ono's Pogo Hobo Dojo!

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So we took the train to Winnipeg and back this Christmas, so that we could walk around with the baby and his ears wouldn't pop and because apparently sleeper class on Amtrak costs the same as flying only you get a bed and free steak dinners. The thing about train travel is that you have a lot of spare time while you wait to get to your destination (36 hours in my case). On the way there, I made some serious progress on a SECRET PROJECT which maybe will be revealed soon. On the way back, I made TRAIN QUEST IV: THE QUEST FOR TRAINS.

It's about hobos, mainly, but I think there are some interesting mechanics that turned out pretty well. I may go back and add music at some point.

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Wow, there are some nifty

Wow, there are some nifty game play mechanics lurking in there.

Is the first page of instructions meant to go by so quickly?

Also, I confused in what I think is Act 2. I thought I was putting Hobos on the thing but really I was killing them!


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If you hold down the action

If you hold down the action button at the title screen, it kind of skips the first screen of instructions. Which is too bad! I probably should combine them.

I defy anyone, after completing the game, to get a rank above Hobo Murderer.

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I invented a new game in

I invented a new game in your game... try and press the button fast enough so it DOESN'T go right to the next screen. I won on my fifth try.

And then I used screen capture to try and see what was bouncing across the screen, but couldn't get more than "gray and brown ball of poo and gravel?"

Is a rank above Hobo Murderer all Hobos saved?

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If you save 16 or more you

If you save 16 or more you are a Hobo Messiah. I'm pretty sure saving them all is impossible -- there's way too much chaos when hobos collide -- so I didn't bother putting in a custom rank for that.

The bouncy thing is actually the stock judge object, shrunken by 50%. I love that thing.

Unintentional but cool: The hobos shrink in every act.