Gnomes and toast and umbrellas and demons and a woodpecker and

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Sammich Forest (DEBUG) 12_24_2023 12_47_07 AM.png

WASD too look around

Arrow keys to move

F to interact

theres all sorts of thingys in the woods

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An event


Checked this out after

Checked this out after playing River Path
Found this one also very nice and inspiring for similar reasons
Playing this gave me a feeling that you have a really good sense for picking textures. The game window looked like a nice painting pretty much all of the time
I especially like how the leaves on the trees look. Also the bright red of the parasols against the night sky.
Nice sound too

There was a funny thing that happened sometimes which i don't really know how to explain but like some kind of 'non euclidean' effect, i think from grass or tree textures rendering in a strange order, i found this nice particularly because it happened so infrequently and fleetingly.

Hope you're able to keep making stuff like this, I would like to play more

Oh yeah i also wanted to

Oh yeah i also wanted to mention that it reminds me of marek kapolka's game Forest Egg
Probably because of being a forest and also put together in a sort of similar style