Statement of Purpose

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While I realize this community is relatively new, it seems a pity that so few people participate in such an inviting opportunity to rapid prototype simple games and quickly receive feedback. Much of the humor of this site comes from the internet stigma of Klik & Play, which can both serve as a retro incentive for creators to return to using tools they had long since discarded (and discover new possibilities), and to deter potential creators with our self-deprecating ironic use of horrendous pre-amateur design. While we can appreciate the unique aesthetic of non-design, it should not be the isolated goal of Glorious Trainwrecks to reproduce the past without recognition of the present. There have been changes in the independent gaming scene. Just because we use a tool from 1994 doesn't mean we must use it as it was used in 1994.

A defense of Klik & Play:
On the surface, KnP may appear limited. And in many ways it is. Events will never be like lines of code, and "Active Object" is not the only class we need. But consider this: Many of the games gaining recognition in the independent gaming community today could have easily been produced in KnP, if not for a few surface details in graphics. KnP could be used to make interactive comedy like "I wanna be the Guy" or "Death Worm". It could be used to make surrealist experiences like "Psychosomnium", or introspective commentaries like "Passage". It could even present political commentary like "Harpooned". KnP may lend itself more easily to comedy, but it gives your average Joe a chance to try to say something with a game.

My goals here on this site are twofold. First, I will use my participation in the KOTMK to experiment with pure game design. I wish to see what new goals I can set for a player, and what new ways I can have the player interact with a system. Secondly, I will begin a Hosted Trainwreck, the purpose of which will be to push the boundaries of advanced KnP event writing. KnP is capable of far more complex things than we think. The Moteur engine proved this. KnP Tetris proved this. Time and time again, people have done unexpected things with a limited palette.

And who knows? Maybe my impression that KnP still holds potential is perfectly in line with the overambitious naive klikkers of yesteryear. If my lofty ideals are doomed to irony, there is no better place for me to fail than here.

Shovel some more coal on the furnace, and sound the steam whistle. This train is on its way.


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Right ON. Glad to have you

Right ON. Glad to have you aboard, snapman.

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I think in general I need to

I think in general I need to be more alert of the whole Indie game scene, not just what I pick up here and at TGQ.

This post does remind me of my old frettitng (esp. w/ the 100-in-1 Kart) about NOT using KNP most of the time; since then, I forget whose comment it was, but they expressed a small preference for my Java stuff, just 'cause it tends to at some diversity and play in a different space than most of the KotMs, and that one comment aided my confidence immensly.