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Snapman's Plot Inventory

I thought I'd try making one of these. I also highlighted key words related to fundamental actions.

So here we go.

Itchy Birds: Dismay at the tedious and repetitive state of mobile gaming.
Lemmings Death Ball: KILL moving targets in upside-down breakout.
Tribe Hummus Pinball: Ponder advergames.
Circus Galop: Minigames timed to erratic music where you KILL, DIE, COLLECT and ESCAPE.
Citizen Kane Pinball: Ponder a film's themes.
MicroMove: Make precise motions using an insufficiently precise tool.
Second Person Shooter: EXPLORE the difference between perspectives.
RhinoCopter: EXPLORE a city.
NITROWL: Destroy the level to COLLECT a ham. DIE from drowning.
Stealth Spies: KILL one person (player 2) in a crowd. DIE if they find you first.
FROGGERACING: KILL frogs for speed boost.
INFRAREDDER: Distribute gems, COLLECT gems, DIE from traps, ESCAPE.
Eat a Baby or a Burglar: KILL one of two people.
Candy Alchemist: Find the secret formulae. EXPLORE all possibilities.
Sink My Battleship!: Risk KILLING a ship for points.
FourFighter: KILL your friends with shuriken. DIE from shuriken.
Extreme Flood Exploitation: Jump on floating houses, KILL planes.
Rio and Ruckus' Unlicensed Dinoventure!: KILL dinosaurs, kidnap their egg. DIE from dinos or falling.
Cosmic Drifter: ESCAPE asteroids. DIE from asteroids.
An Exploration: Slowly lose freedom of movement in an increasingly linear story about EXPLORING.
CastleAttack: KILL trucks forever.
FLIES not BEES: KILL flies, DIE from bees.
LASERTOPIA: ESCAPE, climb, COLLECT, and DIE by lasers.
dawgFIGHT: KILL your friend's plane with cats, DIE the same way.
GUARDIANT: DEFEND the mothership by KILLING bombers and ships.
Dicken's INFERNO: KILL everyone who enjoys christmas.
GORILLATTACK: Dermizone Zero: Resist evolution. COLLECT popsicles.
JUDGE GB: KILL diamonds. DIE from the fourth wall.
Opposite of Up: Accidentally KILL parachuters. DIE from gravity.
ROBODROID: KILL the robodroid. DIE from the robodroid.
YOU ARE ALREADY INSANE: Fail to ESCAPE detection, KILL innocent bystanders from madness.
looq: Satisfy obscure requirements.
Linkland: KILL a box on a random terrain.
Leapbert: Traverse (EXPLORE) all asteroids once. DIE from backtracking.
Directer: Tell a metal sphere to COLLECT gems. DIE from being crushed or touching gems.
Reverser Too: The Timebeard Chronicles: Flip switches and reverse time to ESCAPE. DIE from old age or falling.
Reverser One: KILL asteroids. DIE from asteroids.
DINOSAUR: DIE from falling in a hole, COLLECT gems.
Indirect Invaders: KILL invaders, DIE from invaders.
Hunter & Hunted: KILL the AI, DIE from the AI.
Lemmings Force: RESCUE the AI.
Berry Command: KILL the spheres, COLLECT berries, DIE from the spheres.

Fred's Exciting Adventure 2: DIE from horrors, ESCAPE to ambiguity.
Scorpion Psychiatrists of Saturn: RESCUE students from emotions, DIE from their emotions.
Fred's Exciting Adventure: DIE from horrors, ESCAPE to ambiguity.
Kristmas RUN: COLLECT collectables, DIE from falling or crushing scrolling.
TEK DEMO: COLLECT gems, DIE from falling.

KILL: 23/47 (48%)
DIE: 26/47 (55%)
RESCUE/DEFEND: 2/47 (4%)

I should make some more defense games.

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Scorpion Psychiatrists of Saturn


Looks like emma entropy is up to something again.

Three things:

1: Nobody would go to this kind of effort if they didn't like what they were riffing off.

2: If you're not sure if something is offending your sensibilities or ridiculing your opposition, it's probably the one that doesn't make you angry.

3: Remember to install the fonts folder font first!

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from now on i only make games about other people's games


TRAGIC OFT-PROVEN APHORISM: the longer you have to wait for something, the more likely you'll be disappointed. which is why i really need to hurry this thing up.

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Get Ready!


Back when I played through Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) on PS2, my friends and I often joked about the "GET READY!" prompt that appeared before action sequences. Together we imagined a game with dull activities like making breakfast or getting the newspaper overlayed with the "Simon Says" interface, followed by spectacular failure sequences (drowning in the milk, fatal papercut on the newspaper) and the melodramatic voice over saying "This is how my story ends. Officially it was a suicide..."

So of course my immediate reaction to the first demo footage of Heavy Rain was to whip up an overlay game in Flash. I guess the final game didn't really turn out all that different, except with a little more JASON!

Play with fingers on homerow, as if using 2-handed WASD.
That's ESDF for the left hand, and IJKL for the right.

(Finally posting this all these years later because SpindleyQ is making plans for a Youtube FMV Game program. Source code will be available shortly.)

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Halloween Costume Prop Program


This past Halloween I made a "mid-90s Hollywood-style Hacker costume". I looked silly enough with my ex-trendy wardrobe, but it was my Micron GoBook laptop (Windows ME, 64MB Ram, PCMCIA Modem, 3 1/2" Floppy drive, 2Gig internal!) that completed the look. I took screen captures of every UI seen in the film Hackers for reference, and then did additional research into various top-ten lists of improbable and unrealistic hacking in films, to ensure my interface would have that look that makes you wonder if its creator had ever used a computer in their life.

Controls are Space, Enter, Shift, Arrow Keys, Escape, and Keyboard Mashing.

Move over, Crash Override, Acid Burn, Lord Nikon, and Cereal Killer. Here comes Venom Byte!

Hack the Planet!

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The Furby Game (1998)


There was some news article I read a while ago that listed the "Most Popular Toy" for Christmas from the last few decades. Today being "Black Friday" and all, I thought I'd share with you a dumb game I made back in 1998 about shopping for Furbys. Beat other shoppers with your precious Furbys, but don't let them steal them!

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I finally tried out Ray Game Designer 2 from the "tools" page, here on Glorious Trainwrecks.

Oh my gosh it was something I've been looking for for a long long time. Cheap tile-based 3D with triggers, switches, scriptable events, and it plays AVIs and any sound or music files. The map editor even has a "randomly fill" and "randomly deform" macro built in. How could I have missed this before?

My problems are, firstly, that any 3D tiles I try to place from my tile bank don't show up in the editor. It says I put that tile there, and if I leave and return to the space, it says that tile is there, and the textured cube shows up correctly in the little preview window in the very same editor, but it simply is invisible to the main window.

Secondly, all the documentation online about the software is in French, and not particularly google-translatable.

I really, really, really want to make something in this, but I'm at a loss as to how to get started here. If anybody here has any experience with the program, I'd really appreciate any pointers you have on getting this amazingly over-looked little program to behave.

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Action Point 2009 Results!

Sorry for taking forever with this, but here are the entries! Tomorrow I will post the awards ceremony, and hand out the coveted .gif trophies for display on your homepage, between your "Cnet Funny Site of the Day" banners and links to Netscape Navigator!

Many thanks again to Colombia Pictures for not sponsoring this event to promote their upcoming disaster comedy "2012".

Roll out the red carpet, turn on the searchlights, and start the music! The Awards Ceremony is about to begin!

(Awards ceremony attached below)

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Action Point 2009 KnP Demoscene Party


An error has occurred in your program.  To keep working anyway,
click Ignore and save your work in a new file.  To quit this program, click Close.
You will lose information you entered since your last Save.

Few people still see this Windows 3.1 error message these days. For KotM participants, however, it is a badge of honor reserved for those who push a decade-old game-maker to its limit. But just how far can it be pushed? While Glorious Trainwrecks raison d'être may be the creation of games by any means necessary, there is an undercurrent of a fascination with old tools. Some members have made Atari VCS games. More have dabbled in ZZT. And most of us have telnet'd in to MarMOTS to sketch ANSI with our favorite sysadmin.

Action Point is a Klik & Play Demoscene party. While the Demoscene's primary interest is technical ability with a high-gloss sheen of visual design and musical talent, take note that this is still Glorious Trainwrecks. Action Point is more than simply a celebration of elaborate event writing. It is also about creating unusual and unique visual/auditory art as well. What I'm trying to say is that while 3D Raycasting engines in KnP are expected, a hail of synchronized yellow joggers is also a desirable outcome.

Attached is the Invitation Demo. I hope it inspires you to greatness!
Submit your entry by Private Message to me, Snapman.
Entries are due at the next KOTM, which is August 15th, 2009. There will be .gif prizes!

Action Point is proud to not be sponsored by Colombia Pictures' upcoming disaster adventure, 2012, starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Woody Harrelson. 2012: When a trainwreck is the least of your worries, who will survive? Coming soon to a financially liable for damages torrent near you!

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Community Chainwreck 1 Results!


Presenting the first complete Community Chainwreck!

Apologies for taking so long to compile the final product. I think I've gotten better at assembling something like this, so if we do it again, it will be with a much faster turnaround.

Find the 5 gears and find the exit! They're in different places every time! A community game with replayability! Watch out because two levels require you to do something to find the gear! That's kinda unfair!

Spindley Q Frog

Also try playing the meta-game of identifying where all the midis came from!

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