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Back when I played through Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) on PS2, my friends and I often joked about the "GET READY!" prompt that appeared before action sequences. Together we imagined a game with dull activities like making breakfast or getting the newspaper overlayed with the "Simon Says" interface, followed by spectacular failure sequences (drowning in the milk, fatal papercut on the newspaper) and the melodramatic voice over saying "This is how my story ends. Officially it was a suicide..."

So of course my immediate reaction to the first demo footage of Heavy Rain was to whip up an overlay game in Flash. I guess the final game didn't really turn out all that different, except with a little more JASON!

Play with fingers on homerow, as if using 2-handed WASD.
That's ESDF for the left hand, and IJKL for the right.

(Finally posting this all these years later because SpindleyQ is making plans for a Youtube FMV Game program. Source code will be available shortly.)

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This game doesn't seem to be

This game doesn't seem to be listening to my inputs at all. No matter what I do, she kills herself after the double-red action.

In that respect, great attention to detail in recreating the experience of playing a laserdisc arcade game a++++

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Just redownloaded and tested here and successfully got past that. Remember, this is Indigo Prophecy input, you don't press with the lights, you press immediately after (or at least before the lights fade away).

Are you sure you've got the keys right (ESDF and IJKL) and focus on the window, capslock off, etc? I'm not really sure what could be keeping you from getting past the first sequence.

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Hrm, got it to work now.

Hrm, got it to work now. Don't really know what was going wrong. I decided to try not hitting E and I at the same time, and that seems to have helped, so maybe it's just a weird thing with my keyboard? It would be a lot better with some feedback about how well / poorly you're doing (buzzes when you miss, dings or OSU! when you hit, etc.)

Anyway, fuck the third sequence.

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Seconding fuck the third

Seconding fuck the third sequence.

This is great, though. It would be funnier as a parody if both games hadn't turned out to be virtually exactly like this, but I guess there's not a lot you can do about that.

Also, Youtube FMV Game program? Amazing!

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FMV and such

Yeah, the third sequence is only technically possible. If I recall correctly, it's not only the most complex pattern, but also sequence that accepts the fewest mistakes (difficulty level set independently from pattern complexity). I probably should have set that one to the most forgiving to compensate for the complexity... Eh, it was an experiment. :P

SpindleyQ's tweets about Youtube FMV games (going beyond annotations, allowing you to make games from other people's video) has me looking at the Youtube API, and I'm seriously tempted to try and build a javascript YTFMV maker. One where you could get a short string to copy & paste & tweet, containing an ID and event markers. Maybe even a second movie ID for losing!

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For the benefit of people

For the benefit of people who didn't catch my tweet, yes, I'm working on a little tool to turn YouTube videos into FMV arcade games. The idea lodged in my brain a couple of days ago and has refused to let go. Hilarity potential: basically infinite.

Anyway, thanks for mentioning the YouTube API! For some reason I didn't even think to check for the existence of that. I was worried I was going to have to scrape FLVs by hand and pay to store them on my own servers somewhere. This is way better.

If you or anyone else is interested in my code so far, I tossed it up on GitHub.

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Yay, I won.

Yay, I won.

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Congratulations! Sorry the ending was probably not worth it! :P