Invader Sammy in "One Sam Army"

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A one-button game. Your entire platoon's been wiped out, Invader Sammy! It's all up to you!

Press any button to change direction. Follow the arrow to victory!

(Invader Sammy copyright Auntie Pixelante Enterprises LLC.)

(BGM copyright Taito Corp.)

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Fly's picture

Awesome concept! But is this

Awesome concept! But is this actually doable? I'm curious.

Noyb's picture

Beat it. Nice difficulty

Beat it. Nice difficulty curve!

I love the panic you see in the "player" as you get to the point when it starts camping the edges.

ZZT-X's picture

Cool idea. :) Will have to

Cool idea. :) Will have to take the time to beat it sometime.

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OneSamArmy.gmk1.79 MB