Super Tree Run

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* Flash version over here: PLAY IN BROWSER.
* TGF version for if your computer can't do 16-bit exes. DOWNLOAD TGF VERSION

If you've played much ExciteTruck, then you know what this is all about.

Use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate and brake. Drive close to trees, but don't run into them!
(That circle marks where trees count for points)

Wouldn't have chosen that music if I hadn't seen this:!/RaveofRavendale/statuses/39116316824576000
But it's perfect!

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You always use fonts I don't

You always use fonts I don't have on my computer.

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Oh crap, does that break it?

Oh crap, does that break it? I thought KNP packaged the font info in one of those files. (the mtf?)

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I was gonna make a comment

I was gonna make a comment about the fact that it's easy enough for anyone to just open the .gam file in TGF anyway, thus warranting the purposelessness of the TGF version download, but then I realized that not everyone has TGF.

Gee, Clickteam, hurry up and release the first TGF as freeware already...