Jester Prototype

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A friend of mine is helping teach a game design course at uni. Last week, he briefly described to me one of the game ideas one of the game design teams threw out earlier in the semester. This game is a quick prototype based on a partial second-hand understanding of their rejected design, made in Klik & Play.

Left/Right: Walk
Shift: Jump
Ctrl: Flip

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An event


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Is the one that can run on

Is the one that can run on my 64-bit OS a TGF build?

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The exe in the main folder

The exe in the main folder is an MMF2 build. The original KNP files are in the KNP folder.

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I see. I like the game a

I see.

I like the game a lot. Unfortunately it reached a point where I was holding down enough keys that they started locking up and I was unable to progress further... is there an ending?

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Dang. Should have known

Dang. Should have known better than to assume that my keyboard was typical to avoid key locking. =(

There's no ending. Game loops endlessly. Difficulty plateaus after 40 points.