Frets on Fire - A Trip Through The Grand Canyon

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You know what has been missing all along since Harmonix came out with Guitar Hero five years ago? CANYON.MID. Now, that hole has finally been filled.

Download Frets on Fire for your OS of choice, and unzip this somewhere where it can see it.

Yes, this is awesome.

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2/5 stars!? It seems I got

2/5 stars!? It seems I got bad at Frets on Fire in the four or so years I have spent not playing it... D:

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Yeah, fair warning, I guess:

Yeah, fair warning, I guess: this is going to be enjoyed best by people who are comfortable with most songs on expert guitar on Rock Band.

You're using a guitar controller, right? I can't imagine what it would be like playing it with the keyboard. My keyboard doesn't even do three function keys at once.

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It really depends on the

It really depends on the keyboard you have and the particular key combinations. Usually, modifier keys are a lot more lenient so you can use those if you need to hold more keys at once. Or you could just hunt the keyboard for keys that still register when you hold them all down.

Edit: WTF, CAPTCHA. This spam filter is worse than the one that came before! At least it doesn't block me from posting period.

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I'm hoping that it gains

I'm hoping that it gains confidence over time that frequent posters who post stuff that's not spam aren't spammers. It does take your username and IP address into account. Otherwise I pretty much have to choose between manually deleting all spam or upgrading to the latest version of Drupal.

I'm sorry; I know captchas are lame.

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Of course I'm playing with

Of course I'm playing with the keyboard! If I wasn't, it just wouldn't be Frets on Fire.

There's a pretty significant gap between F4 and F5 on this keyboard, which is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome...

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Five-starred it after a few

Five-starred it after a few tries with an old wired GH2 USB controller. Nice work!

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