Qix Rider

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I didn't know what the goal would be until the last minute. Don't touch the ground! (The ground is lava.)

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at its heart there's a neat

at its heart there's a neat idea trying to get out!

I have trouble w/ the controls... it's arrow to move, space to jump, mouse to look? Could mouse click jump? that might be easier...

this might actually make an interesting 2D variant.

Is unity hard to learn?

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You can also use WASD, which

You can also use WASD, which is considerably easier.

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You can use WASD instead of

You can use WASD instead of the arrows. And if you aren't playing the web version, it lets you redefine the controls when you start it up.

Unity is awesome. If you've ever done any 3D programming before, this is easier.

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I _really_ wanted to try

I _really_ wanted to try this for some reason. As I booted it up, it seemed like it'd be a lot like that one V-Cade game... was it called "Wave Rider" or something like that? I don't know, but it was really popular on the site and also really fun. You would ride a moving ribbon and try not to fall off.

So logically I thought that playing something similar in 3D would have been totally awesome...

And then there's the issue with Unity's mouselook breaking under Wine. Boo.

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If it's any consolation,

If it's any consolation, this game kind of sucks!

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It appears that at some

It appears that at some point I installed a Wine update that added support for direct mouse input. So now this game works in Wine! Yaaaay!

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is that Nintendo's Qix in

is that Nintendo's Qix in 3D??

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Qix credits

Nintendo's?! You monster!

Qix was made by Randy and Sandy Pfeiffer, for Taito!

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Playing this again I started

Playing this again I started to daydream about an actually 3-D version of Qix, set in a room like this one, where the player can move attached to the walls, and break away from them to draw shapes (in three dimensions) with one big (well at the start, anyway) moving about. I can't imagine it not being super hard and brain melting, and I wish it wasn't beyond my newborn Unity abilities.