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You are a raptor, sent to Earth to save as many souls as possible. Do that.

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I love those weird intros

I love those weird intros you put into your games.

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The Newgrounds reviews are in!

'I went and checked this out because I thought it would be something funny, but instead it makes my ears want to bleed. The sound effects are loud and annoying and the game leaves you bewildered. This is NOT good, or funny enough to be passible, this is honestly one of the worst games I've ever played.' - Goky.

'consrtuctive critique' - HandsomeTyler

'OK graphics...but nothing else is OK! This is one of those games where you can't figure out what the hell is going on, no matter how hard you try. Top it off with some of the most annoying sound effects I've heard in years, and you've got yourself a steaming raptor turd of a game.' - Appetite4

'This is just the worst game i have ever seen!' - Shutup868

'Please learn to program before you make a game.' - ProdigalFlashMaster

'OK, this was clearly a joke upload...' - EMProductions

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Turd of the Week – 05/24/2011

'Turd of the Week – 05/24/2011' - Newgrounds

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Well, this kinda was the stepping stone of inspiration

Well, most of your work is. And while I could have molded my own path, I always liked yours. I never got the intros down. One thing I found I miss in future works were the insane intros with you at the beginning, at least according to comments.

It wasn't the award that drew me in. It was the fact that I had maxed out play on Cv10 and this one just sort of happened to be there when I was frustrated trying to get that first boss down, which wasn't easy. I ended up opening the knp project in tgf2 ng editio because on a netbook the flash version lagged a lot..

Then I finally go through to master it and I'm left with this one, the only other ng game, and yeah, it's everything you could want and more in a project. Quite a feat, and in a nice package. Replayable definitely, and outrageous, and enough line noise to haunt the dreams of the viewer by setting us free.

Not sure if the animation fits, but it's holiday themed and has different layers of different speeds and enjoy, it's been a hasty couple years here but your correspondence is appreciated in my growth as a developer. And as Greg is waiting on the other line, Julian would like to take this call and declare Cheers and 'S Rozhdestvom!

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I keep meaning to start putting those intros into the 3-D things. I remember there was a waiting room game on here somewhere with graphics made using a Unity plug-in that created 3-D models from bitmaps. I was going to use that to 3-D-up my logo thing. I have it installed and everything. I always liked making those intros, and thinking about how I would introduce the game. I have Multimedia Fusion 2 and Game Maker (and Construct, too, I guess) now, I will be back to making 2-D things I'm sure.

Thanks for your words GW. You do a good job of keeping this place going, and I really appreciate the time you put into commenting on everyone's work. I feel like I haven't played a game of yours in ages(?). Maybe because I haven't been Newgroundsing now that TGF is not longer Newgrounds linked.

I can never understand why people hate this game's sound so much. It's my favourite part.

I think it's unexpected

But I think really people weren't ready for this, and really nothing else was going that day/week. The fact you got a discontinued award and wasn't aiming for it is at least something. I don't like the name of it, but it is a trophy along with the daily, etc. but indeed the animations/opening sequences, were of notoriety. Whenever I saw one I felt like I was in good hands, you know. Sort of like when you turn on the dreamcast and you hear the dreamcast sound and logo playing. You have the option to jump STRAIGHT TO THE HOME MENU/DISC, but it's like 12 seconds or so of joy, showing you that it's thinking, even if you have nothing in the disc, anticipate it! I'm sure you'll come up with something in future endeavors, cuz it's all about the present. I'll hang around and try to be as active as possible in these channels.

Ah yes of course the waiting room simulator.. If that's all those were were bitmaps spammed with a 3d-like fade, than that's a really good look. to be quite honest I haven't quite delved into the unity till this year. Not because i'm like against a new engine, though it's interesting so many people use it, but because my old netbook simply couldn't handle anything demanding.. I was able to get a good chunk of the downloads working provided the .exe did all the work, but i suppose now that I have the real plugin installed it's all quite different.This new machine has some extra ram, and one of those gpus that actually has little sticks of more ram on it and I haven't had one of these in over a decade so it's still kinda new to me, but I've played a little more outside of the downloads and notice it's a nice little venue, quaint, and easy to get lost in.