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Back in 2009, TIGSource held a quite interesting two-part competition called Assemblee. In the first part, participants created a whole host of graphics, music, and other sundry game creation assets. In the second part, game developers would create games using only those assets.

I bring this up because I recorded a bunch of cheesy voice-overs for Assemblee that were never actually used.

They're of wildly varying quality, and I still really need to get a hold of a pop-shield to mask my plosives, but I figure they could find a good home here.

Numbers - Containing the building blocks to construct 0 to googolplex, plus various samples allowing you to construct phrases like "you have murdered 23 orphans" and "45 kilometers and two feet remaining."

Mascot: Basically a bad Sonic the Hedgehog impersonation. Meant for educational games or mascot platformers. Or not. Over 30 lines of dialogue, questions, and grunts.

Samurai: Poorly-dubbed American voice in the vein of Dynasty Warriors. About 75 lines of dialogue, questions, taunts, and grunts.

Gentleman: Henry Hatsworth meets an American with a sore throat. Mostly the latter. About 40 lines of archaic profanity, shouts, and snide accusations.

Terrible: Poor renditions of poor videogame dialogue on a poor quality microphone.

Noyb-Numbers.zip823.78 KB
Noyb-Assemblee-Samurai.zip2.19 MB
Noyb-Assemblee-Gentleman.zip867.96 KB
Noyb-Assemblee-Mascot.zip1.36 MB
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Oh man, Mascot is hands-down

Oh man, Mascot is hands-down my favourite. I really want to make an educational game about partial differential equations now.

"If I don't disprove the existence of God, then Earth will explode for some reason!"

Though "nooooooo.mp3" from Samurai needs to find a home somewhere too.

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Terrible voice-overs? Sign

Terrible voice-overs? Sign me UP!

Downloading now. Will comment later.

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This is great stuff. I think

This is great stuff. I think there's potential fun to be had with the numbers, as well as the Mascot and Samurai voiceovers, but I think I'll leave SpindleyQ to the Mascot stuff. Personally, I'd like to take some random samples from different categories and just throw them into a game at opportune moments rather than try to form a coherent game out of a single set.

The voice-overs labeled "Terrible" were a bit disappointing as they weren't as entertaining as I would have imagined them to be.