Tyrion 2011

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Take to the skies as the brave flying head of Tyrion Lannister and the heads of his stalwart companions, battle your way past the same guys over and over again on your way to Castle Black, and make Jon Snow close his mouth!

(I spent all night on this! I'm too tired to make a title screen or a proper ending or gameover or anything! Have fun!)

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This is really hard

This is really hard

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Oh, sorry. Couple tips

Oh, sorry. Couple tips before I crash because I ran out of steam before putting in a help screen:
-Your hitzone is really small, and arrows are narrow.
-Collecting a weapon powerup either changes your weapon OR increases your manhood, so it's best to minimize how often you switch weapons.
-Shagga is pretty awesome so if you get him you probably want to avoid companion powerups from then on.
-When your health is critical, snacks will appear so you can remoisten your beard.

Just noticed a couple of cosmetic bugs (wolves not animating properly and the computer voice saying HODOR when Hordor gets hit with an arrow, which is funny) which I may or may not fix when I get up.

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Awesome. Is there an

Awesome. Is there an improper ending?

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Yeah, there's a message at

Yeah, there's a message at the end if you can beat Jonny Snow.