MarMOTS Vision #4 Achieved!

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Lots of good stuff in this latest update! Try it out!

  1. Project support! This is an important step to keeping all of the drawings for a particular game together.
  2. ANSI animation editing! You can now create a second type of drawing, called a "sprite", which is a small animation. It's still a bit rough, but it's already buckets of fun.
  3. Smiley faces! Because they work with SyncTERM, and I'm long past caring whether this stuff works with clients that aren't SyncTERM.
  4. Some small usability improvements in the drawing selection lobby.
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can't create sprites?

it just stops responding when i try creating one :/

edit: it works if you press enter after you enter the dimensions, if you press 'new sprite' it just stalls

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Ooops! Yeah I pretty much

Ooops! Yeah I pretty much never use that button, so that slipped through my testing. Fixed!

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Everyone who hasn't logged

Everyone who hasn't logged into MarMOTS in the past 4 days is SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT on some excellent ANSImation!