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So uh Twitter is exploding right now with the suggestion that some sort of pirate kart-like compilation be thrown together at the last possible second to enter the IGF.

If you want in on that, email games to mike at meyermike dot com. The IGF deadline is this Sunday at like midnight PST or something. I presume ExciteMike will need time to throw games in. I dunno. Perhaps he'll post.


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Title screen disclaimer:


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That's what I mean! Just so

That's what I mean! Just so the judges don't get confused.

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Do these need to be new

Do these need to be new games, or can I submit old trainwrecks for consideration?

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Pretty sure people are

Pretty sure people are planning to just submit whatever. No time limits.

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It'll be a waste of 90 bucks if we get disqualified.


Our biggest issues are [Use of Third Party Technology] and [Rights].
If we want to do this right, we need somebody with a commercial edition of MMF to make final builds of KnP games, make use of no clipart, and get somebody to compose a ton of random music for us.

Any takers?

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this :(

basically disqualifies all my games

wait i have that one hatpunchergame though but pretty much everything blows it out of the water even though it's good

and i guess pyramido plunder could work too because the one stock sprite i use is so tiny it's illegible, but again, i'd want to submit much more crap if anything at all

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there's no way they'll take

there's no way they'll take us seriously. it doesn't fucking matter. we'll still be on the website and in the list and making a point about how making lots of little games, each with a single idea is FAR MORE INNOVATIVE than making a single game about PHYSICS or PIXEL ART.

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I am more than happy to

I am more than happy to waste 95 of my hard-earned dollars in this fashion.

FWIW: The KNP games probably won't even work on judges computers unless we go with the even-less-legal bundling of DosBOX+Win 3.1 in the Kart.

Alternatively I do have a fully-legal copy of TGF with which I could convert KNP games. I just don't yet know if that is giving myself more work than I could do in the amount of time we have left.

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yeah if i do send some games

yeah if i do send some games i'll probably have to pick the best of the best (btw, does anything important change in the conversion sometimes? this could rule out masterpieces like yie-ar kung fu 3), though i can probably throw in the smoorf games because they're 64-bit converted already

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Perhaps we could win the

Perhaps we could win the technical achievement award for making KnP games playable on modern PCs?

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Because of the conversion hurdle, put a limit on the number of KnP games you'll convert. Set a limit on KnP submissions per person, and total KnP submissions. Would that be fair/reasonable?

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if anyone with the

if anyone with the multimedia whatever flash exporter could volunteer to convert some games and take some of the KLIKVERSION BURDEN off your shoulders it would be rad.

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I was going to echo

I was going to echo Stephen's "screw the rules", but as a friend of mine was just convincing me, a chance at getting into the finals is probably worth making an effort to not get disqualified.

Also it occurred to me that, at least from what I've heard, you can keep updating the game after the submission deadline, which in theory takes most of the time pressure off.

So I have sorted out Monday time off and I plan on spending it converting KNP games. And unless there's like a hundred left after that I will convert the rest AFTER the deadline and reupload.

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Barkley, Shut Up and Jam:

Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden was an entry in 2009 despite extensive use of copyrighted images and likenesses without permission. Maybe it's not such a big deal?

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Any users of MMF2 Standard

Any users of MMF2 Standard (or MMF 1.5 Standard or whatever) will probably need to include the Fueled by Fusion logo. You can find this in the Redist folder of your CD.

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Why's that? I thought it was

Why's that? I thought it was only if you're selling your stuff.

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Third Party Technology item

Third Party Technology item under the Eligibility requirements.

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I don't know, I think that's

I don't know, I think that's sort of a minor chicken/egg thing.

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We should all really be

We should all really be chipping in for the fee, it'd be like five bucks each tops. But if ExciteMike won't take up a collection we should get him something for xmas for reals.

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I have received $95 from

I have received $95 from someone who couldn't contribute a game but wanted to help out somehow (@rocketcatgames)!

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wow, serious class.

wow, serious class.

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It came with an awesome

It came with an awesome stipulation: if we win, all participants must share the trophy - it must be literally cut up and split into roughly equal parts and distributed between us.

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Oh god yes. I will eat my

Oh god yes. I will eat my shard to consume its power.


Yep, this. Now I have to make a game.

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Screw the rules.

Screw the rules.

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I'm slow! Sorry! I am

I'm slow! Sorry! I am actually not at home yet! I need another couple hours!

But yeah email mike (at) meyermike.com or post here with your games and, uh, I guess I need to know how you want to be creditted if you want to be creditted?

HEY SPINDLEYQ, you released the source for your Pirate Kart II launcher somewheres, right? I'll probably want to steal parts of that if not rip it off completely.

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Yeah, but it's kinda

Yeah, but it's kinda finicky! It's all done in lua (the source of which I think is included in the kart) with a custom-built exe that launches it and exposes an adapter to the win32 multimedia API (the source of which is not included but I can get you if you really want)

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THE _IGF_deadline is _Monday_ night, right?

I stupid have a job now stupid and I don't want to promise I can package up things that roll in on Monday though, which is why I said Sunday when Mr. Fearon asked about deadlines.

What the fuck am I talking about this is worth calling in sick for.

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dude if you end up not

dude if you end up not having time to do it i am cool with you dumping all the files on my shoulders. as long as someone's getting it done! just don't wait til the last second!

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Totally submitting qbasic

Totally submitting qbasic games I made 17 years ago

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it's times like this that i

it's times like this that i wish i'd even somewhat fleshed out some of the probably over a hundred absolutely unbelievably comedy goldest shit of all time gm crapgames. (there's a tiny bit of content in some, but they're all way too unfinished for the jokes to really get anywhere)

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wait holy shit

some of these might be good enough

there's one called the "drawing game"

it's a three player game where each player must paint the screen their own trail because there's no background so the screen doesn't get refreshed and what did i even try to do this shit is GOLD

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This is the best idea

This is seriously rad. You need to update the front page with a link to this thread because it was not as obvious how to find it even though I knew to look for it.

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yeah, can we get this listed

yeah, can we get this listed in UPCOMING EVENTS too? i've never really understood how this site works.

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So excited about this :) I

So excited about this :) I just emailed a bunch of jam games from the last year or so to Mike. Will probably make something else tomorrow at KOTM too.

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yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! i

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! i submitted all the little angry stencyl games i've made in the past couple months and a game about being fucked by your cannibal dyke girlfriend

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Since we can't use Klipart,

Since we can't use Klipart, we ought to have some folks churning out resources for others to use in games.

Also holy shit this popped out of nowhere.

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If you would like original music, preferably of the sort that is only a few seconds long and loops, I am willing to provide. I can make tons of quick cheapo songs (and some SFX) if you need it. Feel free to reply if you want something like that; I can provide in WAV, MP3, OGG, etc., whatever you specify.

Although there is also SFXer for making your own SFX: http://www.superflashbros.net/as3sfxr/

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Here we go, the first set of sample loops, they're each about 4-5 seconds long I guess and they loop once; edit as necessary in audacity or whatever if you need to!


The first two are intentionally discordant, though the latter ones are a bit less so (and may have been roughly inspired by actual video game tunes perhaps).

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I should make a beatbox

I should make a beatbox sample set.

Edit: sfxr is amazing. First time using it and just by clicking Randomize I've gotten some pretty neat sounds. The sounds generated by the presets (jump, coin, etc.) are kind of on the annoying side and not very good, really.

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Here are some more loops! Yet again they seem to have been a bit inspired by actual songs from other video games but I doubt they should get anyone in trouble and I would be quite happy to have you use them in place of something you don't have rights to.


That's it for tonight from me, though. My fingertips are TIRED, as is my brain.

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started making something

i haven't made much in the past year or two so i'm just making something new for this. i'm just putting whatever the hell random shit i'm thinking about at the moment into it. this will probably be horrible. :)

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This is Brilliant

I feel less helpless now that I'm packaging my game with people who have experience's games. I just wish I had known this would happen 1 day earlier and avoided entering the IGF seperately. ExiteMike's still being kind enough to bundle my game though, so if there's any way I can help set stuff up, let me know. I might be able to make a public video for the submission, seeing as that appears to be required on the entry form.

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Oh heck I did not plan for

Oh heck I did not plan for the video part. Um.... ok here's what I'll do. I'll sleep because it is now 4am, and then I will put up a zip somewhere containing the games I have so far for folks to download, and then hopefully you guys can use that to make a video while I finish up the launcher? Maybe the video is optional.

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as far as i know, the video

as far as i know, the video is optional.

but if someone wants to make one, go for it!

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Hunh, ok. It said all fields

Hunh, ok. It said all fields required, but maybe they lied. Anyway, I can arrange a video if someone else can do screen capture stuff. My windows machine (which is the one I would expect to be able to run all this stuff) has a pretty full hard drive, so I'm not sure it can handle recording footage of this many games, but this mac has iMovie, which I used to make this for my separate entry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3fz5x_Xiig So.... we'll see what happens when ExiteMike posts the games.

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OKAY I'm awake again and

OKAY I'm awake again and putting that zip together.

An idea: Maybe even better than trying to show a zillion games in one video, would be to have a video of someone actually talking and explaining that this isn't us just trolling the IGF and that we are being sincere? Maybe explain what a Pirate Kart is and how it is all happening at the last minute? I guess I can't speak for everyone involved, but I think a chance to take games from this whole other side of Independent Games Development and let them be a part of the IGF and especially being Super Inclusive is a wonderful thing.

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I second this, but who would

I second this, but who would present our case best on video? Also, maybe we should come up with a slightly more formal, catchier name than "IGF thing". Just a thought.

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I've got a splash screen

I've got a splash screen that says "2012 IGF PIRATE KART" I guess that works as a name? There's also an event page for it: http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/1966

So as not to keep potential video-makers waiting, I am now uploading an archive of the first seventy-some games. This is pretty large, so depending on the whims of my internet speed I will be back soon with a link to that.

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You're also including games

You're also including games submitted through the IGF event page, right? Because that's where I'm submitting my games.

It's awesome to see people submitting existing (and/or really old) games but I'd love to see some original stuff in this Kart as well.

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I am creating a brand new

I am creating a brand new game, "Mazing Adventure". It is my tribute to Adventure on the Atari.

So there will be at least one completely original title in the mix.

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RE: the name thing

IGF Pirate Kart would work. Although we should probably add a few more bombastic adjectives there.

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IGF 2011-In-One Pirate Kart,

IGF 2011-In-One Pirate Kart, because next year we'll want to get revenge for being disqualified this year by making a cohesive zillion-minigame compilation just for the event which follows the rules to the letter.

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FINALLY UPLOADED http://s3.amazonaws.com/excitemike/2012igfpiratekart/games.rar

My upload speed is apparently poo.

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Huh? Only one folder of them

Huh? Only one folder of them is. I thought. Did I screw something up?

mike my game was sent to you

nevermind you heard me

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Fantastic fucking

Fantastic fucking idea.

So, if I submit the project files from TGF for Newgrounds will that be set for you to convert it into Flash with MMF/etc? Other wise I can upload to Newgrounds, then download that .SWF file.


What's the consensus on abiding by the copyright pish; can we have a final word? I'd rather not, and think it's a pretty destructive rule.

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That should work! On the

That should work!

On the copyright stuff... uh... it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission?

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I'm in!

I am humbly submitting beebash which I made for our 2010 pirate kart.


anyone with a legal version of multimedia fusion want to compile this?
nevermind I sent it to one of you guys

Game Launcher

Is someone going to put together a game launcher for this Kart?

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I think ExciteMike will gut

I think ExciteMike will gut the Pirate Kart II launcher and insert the IGF Pirate Kart games in place of the PKII ones. To me it seems like overkill since most of the games were emailed rather than uploaded to the event page. I do wonder how he'll get EG. game descriptions and the like in there.

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I ended up not reusing the

I ended up not reusing the Pirate Kart II launcher since I do not have descriptions or screenshots for nearly any of the games.
A couple times now, I've even had to guess at the TITLE.

Instead, I got some help from a housemate and we slapped together an AIR app that has a big sortable, filterable list of game names and authors that can be clicked to launch the game and tries to be smart about automatically minimizing and restoring itself.

Willing to Convert

I have a purchased version of MMF2 Developer, as well as the flash exporter. Email me: damian dot sommer at yahoo dot ca

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I didn't have time to put

I didn't have time to put anything together, and I didn't have https to email anything, but I submitted MY RÉSUMÉ to ExciteMike and there it is hyperlinked for y'all to look at too.

(probably Pi-Pong and Spiderwebz should be omitted for one reason and another.)

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So what's the final game

So what's the final game count?

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not quite yet!

I'm still submitting an IGF version of Candy Alchemist after work today... it also needs conversion from KnP. It features all-new music and sound effects by Word Rescue!

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I'll still accept games for

I'll still accept games for another 6 hours. We're going to at least get close to 300 if not blow past it!

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Kickass! Sadly busy


Sadly busy tonight, so I won't be able to get a last-minute entry in, I don't think. Boo.

I'm releasing two new games

I'm releasing two new games for the kart. http://doomlaser.com/two-games-for-the-igf-pirate-kart/

#1: Braindead, Your Majesty: a one-button platformer where you have no direct control over your character.

#2: Los Mosquito: You are a mosquito that must sneak up on humans and suck their blood before they kill you / call in DDT cropdusters.

COOOL. Excited to be part of this.

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They better start judgin'

They better start judgin' early.

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If we do this next year,

If we do this next year, let's aim to have more games in the Pirate Kart than there are other entries.

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Looking at comments left by

Looking at comments left by folks on Kotaku and Reddit, it seems like a lot of people are missing the whole point of the Pirate Kart. I'm seeing a lot of "Wah wah, these games suck and I have no sense of humor. DELETE."

How unfortunate.

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I don't think anyone ever

I don't think anyone ever has nor ever will care what a Kotaku or Reddit poster has to say about anything.

We're doing this for gamers and not forum cred headhunters.

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Fuck 'gamers'! I'm did it for fame, cash, and broads.

Blueberry Soft's picture


Raptor Rapture doesn't seem to load from the menu, but works when I open it from its directory.

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Yeah the Playtomic metrics

Yeah the Playtomic metrics (working on a way to make those public) helped me find broken ones. Looks like 6 games in all. They are all working now locally so unless I make some new mistakes, they'll all be fixed when I update it.

(SPOILER: I will make some new mistakes)