Frank Sinatra in "River, Stay Away From My Door"

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Why won't the river stay away from Frank Sinatra's door? Help Frank guide his beloved door to safety away from the river, up above, where the river can't rise any higher (he's so all alone!).

Press 'X' to jump and press 'Z' while standing next to the door to pick it up.

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Brilliant! I thought the

Brilliant! I thought the idea seemed really random sounding before I played it, then I heard the song and realized you weren't just putting random words together to form a game idea. It was a fun and challenging puzzle platformer that took me a few tries to get through.

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is the game about the song

is the game about the song or the song about the game?
The river keeps getting to my door, I'm a lousy player ;-;
I loved it tho! great concept

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The song is about the game.

The song is about the game. The game is about the song. The song is about life. Life is about the game. The game is about life. Life is about the song.

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So good.

So good.

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Finally got around to

Finally got around to playing this yesterday. I love the idea of literal interpretations of songs as game mechanics. Excellent choice of song to adapt this way, btw. The win screen song is perfect!

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I've been trying to keep an

I've been trying to keep an ear out for other songs that would fit this adaptation format well. I'd love to play with the idea again.

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haha i just laughed so hard the first time i saw it

and linked people to it because i thought the idea was just bloody hilarious. i think i hadn't told you yet- which was about bloody time i do.

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ive recorded a lets play of this

but accidentally without music :C

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Hey, thanks, Mark. A pity

Hey, thanks, Mark. A pity the LP ended up without music. The game is probably just a bit too much nonsense without that context!

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