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Uses the source code to the glorious ROM CHECK FAIL made by the wonderful Farbs and riffs on Pac-Man Without a Cause by Sergio Cornaga.

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An event


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Ha ha, oh man! Love that

Ha ha, oh man! Love that ending.

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Yup, that was amazing.

Yup, that was amazing.

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Ah, memories. :)

Ah, memories. :)

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I actually barely changed

I actually barely changed the original ROM CHECK FAIL ending at all (removed "princess in in a faster castle" text, made it go through more images but faster, and made it quit the program instead of go back to title).

But then ROM CHECK FAIL is way freaking hard so probably this is the only way a bunch of us are ever going to see that ending.

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hahaha master piece. genius

hahaha master piece. genius idea

thanks for the

without a cause trend. It's nice to really see it in action here. This one is really well done.