Holiday Penguin Mania X

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Click on your holiday penguins to make them (left-click) jump or (right-click) turn around. Get your penguins to collect all the green thingies to advance! Press SPACE at any point to retry the level.

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An event


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Pretty fun! Glad it didn't

Pretty fun! Glad it didn't get too masocore.

Only suggestion would be to have clicking affect the closest penguin within a radius, since it sometimes got a bit finicky to click exactly on the penguin, even with the large hitbox and slow speeds.

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Thanks for the input! I

Thanks for the input! I just made an update that extends the range of the cursor (though you still have to be within a few blocks of the penguin you want) and added a quick eighth level.

Aww man

That was awesome. I thought the penguins were great and I really felt there with the music in there. BAM. Jumping was nice, controlling multiples was nice too. This has everything you could want. And 8 levels? wow.