Dinosaur-ish Mayhem

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Yes, this is another Platform-Scrolling-Shoot-'n-Shit game. and again, i'm stealing some scrolling engines from snapman. you know. "Rio and Ruckus"....

Shoot down some dinosaurs by holding the shift button. defeat the yellow jogger at the middle of the stage.

Made For: 
An event


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rofl WHY WHY does it start

WHY WHY does it start with an airplane sound? i already thought the dinosaur-ISH did it for me but then that sound kicked in and i couldnt stop laughing. ROFL also why does the dinosaur say hello like some parrot? inappropriate sound effects and ms word text are my personal keys for a glorious trainwreck. well done applying those field tested techniques. also well done- KNP side scroller. stop being so pro, bro.
btw yellow jogger killed me with his motorbikes :C

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Snapman created that

Snapman created that Side-scrolling effect starring in his "Rio and Ruckus Unlicensed Dinoventure"; the only stuff i've created was that "shoot only for 2 directions" system.