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"a zelda-esque dungeon crawler, but you only have one hit point, various weapons are hidden to ease the difficulty".
I've never played Zelda so I hope it fits okay.
Also I spent way longer than I meant to which is why I ran out of time to give it a name.

edit (22/02): fixed bug where you could pick up items from the previous room you were in for one frame! also added a small visual effect to help with the problem Noyb had.

edit: (04/03): Mac version thanks to mcc

Michael Brough
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cat the graphics certainly

the graphics certainly look trippy. i give you that :)

Nice. I like how it keeps

Nice. I like how it keeps itself solvable without being completely railroady.

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whooooooooooa more zeldas

whooooooooooa more zeldas should be made by people who never played zelda :D

Outsider Zelda!

Outsider Zelda!

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This is kinda amazing.

This is kinda amazing.

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Love the graphics and

Love the graphics and general atmosphere.

I was having fun with the teleporter and was one key away from the exit when I hit a game over for the first time. I had no idea there were even lives, since previous deaths just put me somewhere random on the map. Very confusing/dispiriting.

Edit: Particularly since one time I respawned on top of the enemy due north of the start location.

Edit2: Ah, finished with the help of a hint from brog on twitter. Really enjoyed it!

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This is very good, I like!

This is very good, I like! It's less like a Zelda game and more like a top-down Metroid/puzzle game.

Yeah, I did play Super

Yeah, I did play Super Metroid recently, that was probably more of an influence than the video of Zelda I watched for research.

I'm glad people are liking it!

I enjoyed this. All games

I enjoyed this. All games should respawn on mysterious and weird cat runes. But seriously the teleport mechanic was clever.

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Definitely one of the

Definitely one of the highlights of the kart.


I love the mechanics in this game! Well done again brog.

you need to use your brain

you need to use your brain if you play this game. very fun to play!