Watch Ducks II

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In this game, YOU will WATCH DUCKS from a PARK BENCH.

WATCH the DUCKS and get POINTS! The game ends when you hit ESC! Get as many POINTS as you can!

WATCH DUCKS II is a direct sequel to the 2010 Pirate Kart II hit WATCH DUCKS. This exciting new entry in the WATCH DUCKS franchise features numerous improvements over its predecessor including:

  • Four all-new ducks (a significant improvement over WD1's three ducks)!
  • Recolored and remastered background environment!
  • Challenging new sleep system. Watch your character to make sure he doesn't go to sleep and miss ducks!
  • Altered system for gold duck appearance and bonuses!
  • New silver duck multiplier bonus!

Also, press F4 to toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes (true of all my games, BTW).

John D. Moore
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An event


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I gave a talk about Glorious Trainwrecks recently, and I was very seriously considering having Watch Ducks running in a corner of the screen the entire time. The only reason I ended up not doing it is because I decided to use Klik & Play running in full-screen Win3.1 for slides, which meant I couldn't make it work technically.

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Aha, Klik & Play as a

Aha, Klik & Play as a Powerpoint replacement? Now that's how I roll. I actually used Multimedia Fusion for most of my presentations in middle school.

Think you could post the KnP-powered slideshow online?

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Potentially? It's largely

Potentially? It's largely screenshots which doesn't make a lot of sense without context. I kind of wanted to record myself practicing, but then I never actually practiced.

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Any chance somebody got

Any chance somebody got video of that?

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I'm pretty sure not,

I'm pretty sure not, unfortunately! Someone was threatening to on Facebook, but then AFAIK they didn't show up.

While I was giving the talk, Eric McQuiggan made Comrade Rapter VS Hitler Horse based on audience theme suggestions, which included racism, communist propaganda, architecture, dinosaurs, and the Kentucky Derby. Someone else whose name I don't recall made a game, too, but I don't know if he's planning to put it up. It required nine players who share a single XBox controller.

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This is the greatest honor I

This is the greatest honor I have ever received.

The new bonuses completely

The new bonuses completely change the pace of the game. At first, I noticed something had changed and I stood up, but then I sat back down. I need to get used to these changes.

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this game made me watch

this game made me watch ducks. score 1600 something

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i hope grimlick doesn't zoom

i hope grimlick doesn't zoom on by and hack the rom to make "watch dicks"