Well if it isn't Confusing Game Day

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Still fooling around with KNP. Need to find a suitable replacement but I'm lazy. Construct might be good.

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I've been curious about

I've been curious about Construct for quite some time myself. I'll use it for the next KotMK if you will!

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I'm not on the ball in

I'm not on the ball in regards to how stable Construct is now (it's still in beta, after all), but I will give it a try this KotM.

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YES. I wonder if I can

YES. I wonder if I can convince anyone to make ZZT games with me in October.

And it can't possibly be any less stable than Klik & Play. I mean, really.

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Ack, you're right.

Ack, you're right.

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I've convinced someone I

I've convinced someone I know to make a trainwreck for this month's KOTM, in Virtual Reality Studio. I would tell you what he wants to make it about, but I should probably let him do that.

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Oh God you have no idea how

Oh God you have no idea how fucking pumped I am about that!

I bought Virtual Reality Studio for $10 when I was a teenager (I think I might even still have my original disks somewhere), and I have a total love/hate relationship with it. I was never able to build anything because the editor's interface was so awful (as was the interface of the game you ended up with), but I adore the demo game like I imagine one might love a retarded younger sibling.


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Ok, I'd be up for that. I

Ok, I'd be up for that. I just have to get used ZZT again. Or MZX, they're both basically the same thing in the end.

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KNP Tetris is the most incredible thing yet made by human hands. Everything about it is 10 steps beyond breathtaking. I could stare at that title screen forever.

The random background trick in Impossible Plight is pretty rad, though probably of somewhat limited utility. It'd be way easier than setting animations based on random numbers like I've been doing, but then you wouldn't really be able to apply it to moving objects.

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Regarding Impossible Plight's Wondrous Title Screen

Not since diablo II have I experienced so much brain-pleasure clicking my mouse.

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wait, you jus click the

wait, you jus click the once, right?

I like how it balances being blatantly unfair w/ a 10 to 1 win ratio.

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OH(mygod) these are

OH(mygod) these are breathtaking.