Sonic Christmas Boom

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It's Christmas Time and Sonic's birthplace Christmas Island is in great danger. Gotta go fast! Kill Dracula before it's too late.

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Comment 1: Oh hey, the

Comment 1: Oh hey, the original version of this totally predated the whole Dumb Running Sonic fad/meme.
Comment 2: Am I unlocking different colors or original characters?
Comment 3: That's... quite the disturbing hidden ending.

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yeh exactly. i made stuff

yeh exactly. i made stuff funny before the whole fucking INTERNET MAINSTREAM considered stuff to be funny.

really first the internet makes stupid jokes and you realize they suck once people use those jokes irl as in if those jokes get used it TV shows. now if a big audience of internet users makes a joke you can tell its starting to suck. hm i dont know what im saying. this makes it sound like i would hate stupid sonic walk animations. they are great. im just saying i did it first and no one ever cared so yeh did you cought my resubmitting an old game? i thought no one would notice plus ive turned it into a christmas edition so i would say that makes it a new version.

yeh you are unlocking Sonic OCs when you replay it :-P