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A Knytt Stories level based on the title of a GDC talk by Dennis Ryan of Popcap Games, as requested via Kickstarter.

Features music by Shnabubula! Yeah, woo.

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Really Good

My only wish was that this was a bit bigger.

that's what she said.

that's what she said.

I second the really good

But I think it's perfect the way it is. It's got a catch I didn't get.. I played it confused but mesmerized about the music, then after the link I had a laugh of what it was really about. This comes to a surprise and I think a lot of people could enjoy this one.. not super difficult but not super simple, and that track, sweet beatz.

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Yeah, Shnabubula's music is

Yeah, Shnabubula's music is da bomb diggity. Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate you trawling through the trainwreck archives leaving comments, by the way. I never seem to find time to do it, but it's so constructive.

Oh yeah any time.

If I have time to play the game, I can usually think of something to leave a comment with. I try to leave a couple sentences if I can. I really have excitemike to thank for his coordinated file machine thing that takes a knytt game and injects it with the loader, not to mention links to all the nodes. For those that post a lot, I do try to go back and see what they made, afterall they all tell a story. But for this one it was chosen RANDOMLY. And I hope if you do read this reply you consider adding to the THURSDAY series. Course that series looks difficult to do, all those effects and all.

I'd also like to see what direction knytt underground goes.. i know nothing about it other than, well, it's huge, but I'm getting it just to see what it has to offer.

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Actually, I believe

Actually, I believe automated Knytt Stories launching is the joint effort of Noyb and ExciteMike. Bless them!

Your opinion is duly noted. I will make at least a third thurs day game, even though I massively lack ideas for one. Perhaps ill-advised sequels can be my inspiration.

I actually played a small role in the development of Knytt Underground. In my opinion, it is a very, very good game, but not everyone shares that view. It's out now!