Cartridge Blowing Simulator 2012

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Relive the glory days of gaming by getting a cartridge to work in your ancient console.

In case you've never experienced this kind of gaming before, here's the idea of the game:
All you need to do is press the power button and hope the screen turns on. Blow on the cartridge to increase the chances of that happening. If it STILL doesn't work, give it a good old wiggle side-to-side while it's in and try again. Make sure you get all the dust off!

Note: I understand that this is the wrong kind of cartridge for a top-loader but I had the SNES in mind even though I drew a NES cart. Anyway the console is just a box with a power button on it!

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I never had one of those but I felt like living the real experience. XD

Re: Amazing!

I'm glad my portrayal has helped you experience the toils of classic gaming.

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haha this is epic

i remember those days and they sucked. what a pain in the ass. i played more harmonica on my cartridges than i actually played the games. just remember how they didn't even provide CASES for your cartridges so you HAD to have them lying around getting full of dust. seriously nintendo you cheap bastards. did the SMS have cases? i think i remember the mega drive did.

anyways awesome game. i love the blowing. this is the first time i see a flash game uses this and it was used in a clever way. also great 3d effect on the cartridge. i could relive the pain of my childhood again. yay

Re: haha this is epic

Haha! I'm glad you enjoyed reliving the past. You've certainly made the effort more than worth it.

I think the Master System had cases but don't quote me. I was practically a baby when I used to play my Super Nintendo. That said, I don't think I remember ever keeping a case for a cartridge game which is a surprise considering that there'd be hell to pay if you left one of my discs out of it's case.

Thanks for playing!

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Still grinning

I'd forgotten the joys of this. That and adjusting the tape volumne to get Spectrum games to load.
Happy times.