DIY Wario

kirkjerk's picture -- interesting!
I know there's a smal and growing collection of similar stuff on line.

For my money a WarioWare construciton kit would be more interesting than the one in, say, Big Little Planet

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Mario Paint + tiny gamemaker

Mario Paint + tiny gamemaker + in my pocket + share with friends = I've fantasized about this for years.

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Holy shit

It's like a revolution. I wanted Mario Paint for DS, but this is even better. And if it also supports the DSi cameras, the GB Camera would now be obsolete.

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Beore DIY Wario was

Beore DIY Wario was mentioned, the main appeal was like "finally, something a bit like Kai's Power Goo"

man i wish I knew how to get that to work on modern Windows machines

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Holy shit, this is out in

Holy shit, this is out in Japan! Anyone tried it?

dessgeega pointed me to this lovely article by prominent Richard Garriott denialist otaku nerd Chris Kohler which describes the mechanics of making games in this thing. It sounds wonderful and I'm totally going to steal ideas from it.