KNPGen v0.1

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Announcing KNPGen -- a tool for randomly generating Klik & Play screenshots!

It works like this: First, you need to generate the cache of KNP images to use, so drag a directory full of IMG files onto KNPGen.exe. Once the cache exists, you can just run KNPGen.exe on its own to generate new screenshots using that library. If you run KNPGen.exe on its own without a cache, it will scan the current directory, so you can plunk it in with a Klik & Play game to remix it.


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Very addictive! I feel like

Very addictive! I feel like scouring the net for old Klik games, just for use with this.

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The housefire is incredibly

The housefire is incredibly striking. Makes me want to make a Klik & Play adaptation of Synecdoche, New York, somehow. So many crazy details, like the snowman, or the hovering playing card. What game(s) did that come out of?

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Judging by the level and the

Judging by the level and the bloodied pig, probably Venture 2. The Goldilocks level, I think? (never played it, but I think I remember it from the walkthrough I looked at)

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One of the great benefits of

One of the great benefits of running all of the Klik & Play games on my hard drive through this program is giant Elvi

Also, I'm starting to cache the Pirate Kart, and it turns out that my extractor chokes on every one of Haze's games! Looks like more work is needed.

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Here's the best one I got...

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