Witch Sisters in Lava Dungeon Rescue

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ANETTA (player 1) is coming to break MURIEL (player 2) free from the lava dungeon. Anetta has the ability to shoot things, which allows her to defeat enemies and destroy certain blocks. Muriel can create blocks and can jump higher.

Find a friend and play together! This game is really confusing (to me) when played by one person.

Player 1:
Walk: A, D
Jump: W
Magic: Space/S

Player 2:
Walk: Left, Right
Jump: Up
Magic: Control/Numpad0

(I want to make a good version of a game like this someday)

John D. Moore
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An event


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Does this have an ending? We

Does this have an ending? We made it up to the top left corner of the level, but there seemed to be nothing there, and then I fell off the edge of the screen. Up until then, the dynamic and process of discovery was pretty good. I was playing as Anetta which was fun, but Muriel's block-creation ability seemed kind of monotonous and required a lot of lining up just right and mashing the button over and over again. I'm glad you're interested in making a refined version of this asymmetric co-operative platformer idea, it's something I'd like to see.

Player 2 Claire Hill says (dictated and summarized): I preferred this one, but it ended a bit abruptly. I could do it, which is always good. I like that, when it's achievable for me.