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Inspired by the (much superior) Castle/ZZT by HM with its shortness and sweetness. Back in my ZZT days, I never did much with the pre-programmed objects, doors, and such, so I wanted to see if I could make a short, tight game that mostly relied on using ZZT objects the way Sweeney intended.

I forgot how long it takes to make ZZT games.

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An event


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Short and sweet indeed, but

Short and sweet indeed, but I sort of wanted to have some sort of escape. When you get the plans it seems to me like the game should be half over. I like the sharks in the walls, a nice touch. If you added some conveyers, it would actually make it necessary to use the pusher to get through that corridor. Right now you can just slip on by.

The ending text is great :)

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Fair enough. There was

Fair enough. There was going to be more--a second board or some change to the first board for the escape. But then I just ran out of steam.

I hadn't thought of the conveyers. That's exactly what that puzzle was missing. ohh dear.