Klik of the Month Klub #26

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Sat, Aug 15 2009 04:00 PM
08/15/2009 - 16:00
08/15/2009 - 18:00

The Klik of the Month Klub meets right here on this very website on the third Saturday of every month at 4pm Pacific Time (taking daylight savings into consideration) for a two hour Klik & Play Showdown. Everyone who participates gets two hours to create something from scratch in Klik & Play. Abusing the stock objects is encouraged. If you really loathe Klik & Play you can use whatever game development platform you want. Two hours is a pretty tight time limit, though, so choose wisely!

Klik & Play is absolutely free to download, and learning it takes minutes, so everyone can get in on the action. Want to talk to your fellow Klikwreckers? Join us on IRC -- server irc.freenode.net, channel #glorioustrainwrecks. Join the mayhem!

For more information, check out the KotM N00B FAQ.

Sign up below to get reminded by email the day before the klikkening begins!

Games made for Klik of the Month Klub #26


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I'm hoping to create a game

I'm hoping to create a game based on a dream a friend of mine had. The email he sent me is as follows:

"I had a dream where I guess we were going to the same high school and we were partnered to make a game for a class. I don't know what the class was. Anyway, you wanted to make an homage to this hex-based underwater strategy game that had scuba divers and mermaids and fish girls ... It was a 2D underwater platformer where your main weapon was throwing a sword and someone called it a Cave Story clone. Then I woke up."

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...And here it is.

Presenting Bluegirl.

The Adventures of the Girl Who is Blue

Bluegirl.zip1.21 MB

Haha, fantastic ending.

Haha, fantastic ending.

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Hah, it's excellent :)

Hah, it's excellent :)

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umm because he had a squid

umm because he had a squid for a face? D:

haha, this is awesome. :D
dreams make the best games, dont they

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Funniest giant enemy crab

Funniest giant enemy crab I've ever seen. XD

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I have no idea what I'll

I have no idea what I'll make. I probably won't have an idea until the day of the competition and I'll roll with it.

I might make "SUPER RIDE ON AN ELEPHANT TURBO EXTREME" but I don't know if you guys are ready for that.

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I'm going to cheat.

I'm going to cheat.

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Trying to cheat at the KOTM

Trying to cheat at the KOTM is like cheating at "hanging out with friends".

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I wasn't keeping track of time but I'm sure I went WAY over.
(I don't care because I finished a game.)

You have to jump on the goomba.

starman.rar883.84 KB
starman.png4.52 KB
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That was

That was amazing.

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Amazing! How did you?... This goes way beyond anything I thought was possible in Klik and Play!


Hah, I just looked at the source :D You did cheat! Awesome!

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far out

far out

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Hahaha, nicely done. I

Hahaha, nicely done.

I hacked together a shoddy KNP demake of the second half. Apart from saving high scores, it should be possible, if infinitely more tedious to make.

Mario.zip112.49 KB
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Haha, great. Before seeing

Haha, great. Before seeing this, I just did a quick demo showing how you could do the first part!

http://www.klikscene.com/misc/Radix_KNPscrolling.rar (30kb)

KNPscrolling.png1.33 KB
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If anyone's interested: I entered another compo this weekend, this one with the theme Side-Scrolling RPGs.

This time I actually used Klik & Play.
Check it out: http://forums.rpgdx.net/viewtopic.php?p=26595#26595

RPGDXt.png11.66 KB
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I don't know what I'm going

I don't know what I'm going to make. Also, it's going to be my birthday.
Someone give me a game idea for my birthday!

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My game will be called

My game will be called "Happy Birthday Squidlarkin". It may feature unicorns crapping birthday cakes, I haven't decided.

I'm thinking of taking the opportunity to play with Flixel.

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you should do that. i've

you should do that. i've been meaning to dig into flixel since the headache my last flash game gave me.

be my crash test dummy, armpitman.

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is it really easy enough to program something decent with it in 2 hours?

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NO IDEA. Luckily, since

NO IDEA. Luckily, since it's just the Klik of the Month Klub, I don't care nearly so much about "decent". I'm planning to eschew animation entirely, and use ripped KNP graphics. (I was hoping to write a little tool that bundles up KNP animations into Flixel spritemaps, but it's looking like I won't have time.) There are some plug-ins for generic tiled map editors that you can use to generate map files, without which I probably wouldn't bother trying.

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my mother keeps asking me if

my mother keeps asking me if i've tried flixel yet what the hell

Earth Junior

Posting this a quarter of a day ahead because of time zones, and the absence of anyone's ability to stop me.

"Earth Junior"

Player character is from a few of my comics: 1 2 3

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umm maybe this is kind of early

but i dont want to be late this time, so yeah :< hope its okay!

credit for the idea of bikefencing goes to my friend C:

yay2.JPG14.84 KB
bikefenc.zip193.4 KB

What is this

What is this KnP awesomeness I haven't heard of!

Anyway, my game will definitely have trees! Perhaps made of humans?

Haha, wow. I like how it's

Haha, wow.

I like how it's fairly easy to knock the fencer off the bike altogether, and then he just flies off screen, while you sit there and rack up points.

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Do we have any sort of theme

Do we have any sort of theme this month?

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The Joy of Dodging

Did mine early...

Came out like some horrible parody of those Megaman boss fights where the whole room gets filled with projectiles.

joyofdodge.png33.76 KB
joyjump.zip123.52 KB

Rocket Foot and Ninja Time!

Rocket Foot and Ninja Time.zip1.19 MB
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Oh I have NO idea what happened when I was working on level 2. Also the bounce physics decided not to work at all today, so I did some crazy things with spawning new objects, and added a timer based counter from 1-6 plus 12 to affect bouncing off walls. Short answer, this would've worked better with a working bounce. But it's still pretty good. At... I don't know what. Maybe getting me punched.

pnacht_shot.PNG50.29 KB
Pnacht.zip269.99 KB
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Noise Game

Noise Game
Noise Game

noisegame.zip2.14 MB
noisegame.png7.68 KB

The pirate level is my

The pirate level is my favourite

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hahaha oh christ that was

hahaha oh christ that was hilarious

The definitive Klik 'n Play

The definitive Klik 'n Play experience. Anyone doesn't know what it is, just show them this.


This is a very SCARRY game about one man in a suit who travels across the galaxy to save some hot alien babe.

This game is amazing

XKLIKS.zip266.11 KB
end0075.gif10.66 KB
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did you get there yet?

did you get there yet?

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it's not the destination

it's not the destination that's important

Hey, I think this one

Was really went through an eclipse and it came back out. I went through it and I especially liked the drawn up space vixen as a nice touch. nice tie t00. I'd be willing to see something else if presented. Great work once again.


this is a game in which you game
please give it a game now

thegameyoudidntgame.zip324.03 KB
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adventured servants

this is a game about adventure games.

AdventuredServants.png3.06 KB
AdventuredServants.zip1.19 MB
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I love this, when I got to

I love this, when I got to the window I laughed until I got stomach cramps.

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Very nice. I very much like

Very nice. I very much like how the player is lauded as a hero at the end. And also how the game looks and feels like it might have been designed by Mondrian. The symbolism and metaphors are spot on. It's really quite nice.


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Heh, I have a big wide

Heh, I have a big wide screen so the game was kind of stretched for me, I see now that I'm looking at the screenshot

It made me realize that one thing I like in 2600 Adventure is the little rebound effect you get bouncing off the walls... besides maximizing you speed getting from place to another it adds a nice little kinetic jiggle to the tedium of long distance travel

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Tumble Tots

Save the babies from the burning building by bouncing them to the other side with the magic bathtub.

Very loosely based on the old Amiga PD game of the same name (and tarnishing it's reputation).

Press the left mouse button to quit.

I hope I've done everything right...

TumbleTot.zip185.94 KB
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Dargon Slayer

An epic RPG that takes longer to complete than it did to make.

dargon.png7.53 KB
dargonslayer.zip1.7 MB

Plant Growing: the Movie: the Game

AAAAAAAA double post

Plant Growing: the Movie: the Game


Grow a plant and reach the rain! Contains a happy ending and a psychological message to all of us!

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Your game has actual good

Your game has actual good gameplay! I'm a little disappointed.

The last level was tricky, but I managed to beat it. Great work.

Radix's picture

Yeah, that was fun. Is the

Yeah, that was fun.
Is the last level the running guy? Because I got past him and then nothing happened.

sergiocornaga's picture

I thought that was the last

I thought that was the last level. I got past him and I think the game quit out?

squidlarkin's picture

Oh, and you have to be level

Oh, and you have to be level 10 before you can slay the dargon.

squidlarkin's picture

Which, by my calculations,

Which, by my calculations, takes about 7 hours. Good luck!

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TIME TO GET DIZZY (it's not that bad actually unless you get dizzy really easily)

Made with Game Maker so windows only

disorscreenshot.PNG28.01 KB
disorientia.zip1.83 MB
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OW MY STOMACH I thought the


I thought the key thing was really neat - using it as both a signpost and an actual key, I mean

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I made my very own version of The Oregon Trail.

It's lifelike!

oregon.PNG74.87 KB
Oregon Trail.zip770.92 KB
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"all the fun of cholera with

"all the fun of cholera with none of the drawbacks".

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Professor Leighton and the Diabolical Box

Professor Leighton's sent you a package for your birthday! Boy oh boy! What could it be?

diabox.png111.61 KB
diabox.zip208.25 KB
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I solved the riddle :D

I solved the riddle :D

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The Revolution Betrayed by Hotdogs

Take control of Trotsky's laser-shooting head and defeat evil and hotdogs, or something...My original game idea just turned out to be not fun, so I just kinda winged this.

(Edit: Apparently people are having trouble with the game, try the nosound version if it is giving you an error.)

hotdogss.png185.49 KB
hotdognosound.zip4.21 MB
hotdogs.zip7.7 MB
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Happy Birthday Squidlarkin!

In honour of Squidlarkin's birthday! It has seven levels and many secrets.

squibday.png6.9 KB
happy birthday squidlarkin.zip862.35 KB
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That was neat.

That was neat.

Intergalactic Bumblebee

On second thought, I'll post it here too.

(I made one change to it this morning to fix a bug. The flower from which all other flowers are spawned was left off screen which prevented the player from winning. :P

Intergalactic Bumblebee _c.zip428.39 KB
intergalactic bumblebee.gif8.38 KB
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Madamluna told me about Glorious Trainwrecks just an hour ago, so I just made this La-Mulana ripoff. There isn't really any game play. All you do is move and jump with the arrow keys. Hopefully, you'll like the graphics!

Del-Bitudo.zip1.2 MB
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Re: Happy Birthday

Nice puzzles. Great initial concept, and compelling variations. =)

Did you have a good birthday

today squidlarkin?

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allegrscreen.png715 bytes
allegr.zip592.53 KB
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Molyneux Aux Folles

"Peter Molyneux: Let's just say I invented a game about jumping from cloud to cloud as a big-nosed clown. First of all you'd say it sounds pretty weird, Peter... but if I could prove that's what consumers wanted you'd feel pretty happy about it.

Incidentally, the big-nosed clown thing is not actually a game under development.

Q: So you're giving that tip away for free?

Peter Molyneux: I'll throw it out to public domain. "


molyneux.png17.26 KB
molyneux.zip202.16 KB
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Extra Levels

Went back and made new levels that actually explored the concept instead of being laid out randomly in the last few minutes of the deadline.

Edit: I believe the maximum possible score is 81 (4 + 20+ 12 + 12+ 9 + 7 + 17 are my best for each level. Every ambition is possible to collect, and you get more points the more ambitions you feed the lion at one time).

molyneux2.zip285.16 KB
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Oops. Had a "bounce" when I

Oops. Had a "bounce" when I meant a "start." Last post-event update, I swear.

molyneux3.zip208.1 KB
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Converted to MMF2 for 64-bit

Converted to MMF2 for 64-bit machines.

molyneux_mmf2.zip570.8 KB


I went a bit over the time limit, but whatever.

This is a game for two players! One player is also possible, though. Controls are in-game, and I have no idea how it plays.

Download it here: http://willhostforfood.com/access.php?fileid=79845

puppyscreenshot.png14.52 KB
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Here's my game! Try to find all the endings!
Arrow Keys to walk around, X to interact.

There are only 6 endings, as I didn't get all of them done in time :( This explains why the second room is so empty! Also the ending numbers apparently go crazy in the second room, but meh, it was just for fun :D

(BTW: If you don't have the dll file that it needs, just go to http://www.dll-files.com/ and find it there :) It's because I used The Games Factory rather than KNP)

consequence.JPG20.82 KB
Consequence.zip182.74 KB
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I can stand everything in

I can stand everything in klik games besides SLOW TEXT but I put up with it for three quarters... wait, I guess I got all of them.

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The KOtM game that is so oldschool you need paper to play it.

gauntlettt.txt16.24 KB
dessgeega's picture

i havn't played any of them

i havn't played any of them yet, but i like that you're doing two-hour analog games lately.

Pizza Time's picture

This one should be easier to

This one should be easier to set up than the first one because you don't need anyone to be the dungeon master, which means you can play it by yourself. There is a drawback in that you'll have to plan out the dungeon yourself which means you can make it really easy for you but not for the monsters. Then again you could find someone else to do that for you.

Pizza Time's picture

Just a heads up, when

Just a heads up, when attacking something you subtract your Fight value from the Body Points of what is being attacked and the other way around when monsters are attacking you. Completely left that important bit of information out.

I don't think I need to upload a new file, just type something in yourselves. It will be like you are contributing and you will feel special.

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hopper of taxi

Agh, I started an hour late :(

In Hopper of Taxi you are a daring yellow jogger with nowhere to go but forward. Dodge the taxis, i guess

note to self: when arriving late to the KOTM, still put 2 hours of work into the entry

hopper_of_taxi.png25.24 KB
HOPRTAXI.zip184.75 KB
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If You Run Out Of Money, You Will Go To Hell



moneyman.png120.05 KB
money.zip687.01 KB
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CAD for love poems.

Many years of poems from my website http://loveblender.com have been harvested to bring you the finest love poem writing infrastructure possible. Just click and express your hearts deepest sentiment with the aid of clever Markov Chain technology!

markovlove.zip4.19 MB
markovlove.png27.9 KB
kirkjerk's picture

heh, I know no one really

heh, I know no one really cares about my non-game game but here is a tighter version, using just the loveblender poems from 2008 and fixing a few things in the UI

markovlove2008.zip946.98 KB
Terry's picture

This is super cool. A poem

This is super cool.

A poem I generated from it:

blown to bits 169 bk2008
the boy makes me insane
i can't feel things halfway and
i can't believe i trusted you and
i can't think straight or sideways and
i'm shaking like a whisper in the apartment
i didn 146 t want you and
i can't describe it
like watching a conception
or better yet an assumption

(some way to copy text from it would be neat :P)

kirkjerk's picture

Heh, maybe this modicum of

Heh, maybe this modicum of interest will get me to make a version where you can save the poem.

Or maybea few different releases seeded w/ different years of loveblender poems

Noyb's picture

This is hilarious.

Rhythm that is theirs alone
O, they have eyes like cats.
Like snakes.
All the women, yeah.
They're as beautiful as the father of my solitude.
For years, what we can't have
We chase after every dream that catches the light
And through every drop of blood that echoed across the lawn
I see only those same naked trees.
And still totally soaked.
This boulder was overrated!
I must learn to swim in.
After all, September 21, 2008 is a day
And time hasn't done much to me.

Exporting the poem would be ace. A random walk would be cool, too.

kirkjerk's picture

Your wish, and smattering of

Your wish, and smattering of attention, is my command.
Here is markovloveplus!
*added words now zip to the poem in an engaging manner, rather than just popping up there
*2004 word selection from loveblender.com , over twice the words of 2008!
*press 's' to save your creation
*press 'c' to clear and start afresh with the two last words of the current work
*press 'r' to let the random robot finish your work for you!

markovloveplus.zip2.06 MB
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Piggy Patience

piggy patience is a game about finding yourself somewhere that you really want a drink of red bull and having the patience to go get some red bull sponsored by red bull

with apologies to... anyone who plays it

piggy.zip1.67 MB
dessgeega's picture

i wish i'd made this

i wish i'd made this game.

(and then sold it to newgrounds.)

snapman's picture

As the gutter is to the

As the gutter is to the graveyard.


dessgeega's picture



snapman's picture


Aww come on. You can dish it out to adventure games but can't take it?

(Specifically, I was referring to this)

dessgeega's picture

i know what you were

i know what you were referring to

i loved this actually don't worry

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This is my first time!

Hempuli said that platformers and Breakout clones are so hot, so I tried to do both.

Left, right, up.

Habbida.exe41.52 KB
Habbida.PNG18.43 KB
Radix's picture

I think something might be

I think something might be missing, dude.

Super-Dot's picture


Oh dang! Thanks. Here's it for reals.

Habbida.zip40.83 KB

Grab T3h B33r

Guide a young Yukkuri Cirno through a maze of opportunities

Sorry it took so long to upload but this site was shitting up

Ok screw it I've tried reuploading thing about a hundred times now it can go to hell


ExciteMike's picture

Don't Stop Now!


Posting this for a friend who goes by "MagRoader" on interwebs.

dontstopnow.html234 bytes
MagRoader's picture

Don't Stop Now! v3

I had a great time making this, so I spent some extra time on it. Here's version 3. Has better controls and more levels.


DontStopNowv3.html285 bytes
dessgeega's picture

i like this a lot. i seemed

i like this a lot. i seemed to have a lot of trouble clearing the end of stage seven, though. i kept bumping into that one black block overhead, but the game seemed to treat it like it was red.


Simply brilliant! :) Cheers!


I enjoyed playing through some of the games here. There are two or three I still need to download and I don't have the latest DirectX or Java installed, so I wasn't able to play any that required them.

Of the games I played, my favorites have been Plant Growing: the Movie: the Game and Don't Stop Now with special mention to Bluegirl for making me laugh and Disorientia for making me nauseous. xD

MagRoader's picture

Klik & Play 64?

It appears that Klik & Play doesn't work on Windows 64 bit...? I get an error message saying as much when I try to run many of these games. Unfortunately this is preventing me from playing!

I didn't see anything about this on the FAQ page - any chance there is a workaround or a different version or somesuch?

SpindleyQ's picture

Unfortunately, the only

Unfortunately, the only workaround that I'm aware of is to install Windows 3.1 into DOSBox. It's unfortunate mostly because we here at Glorious Trainwrecks do not endorse copyright infringement, even of hopelessly outdated operating systems that are of no use on modern computers which can only be legally purchased second-hand, not benefiting the copyright holder in the slightest.

It does work pretty well, though.

Noyb's picture

It's also possible to have

It's also possible to have someone recompile the games in The Games Factory or Multimedia Fusion, since KNP games are by nature open source. Heck, MMF2 apparently lets you make java applets now.


I tried recompiling Hempuli's game in MMF2 and it didn't work - perhaps it is using a trick or exploiting a bug that has been fixed in MMF2? I will try compiling with TGF and see if that works.


Okay, I tried in TGF and it didn't work either. I'm not sure I want to go to the trouble of recompiling all the games without knowing whether or not they will work. :/

I haven't used Windows 64 bit... Did you try changing the compatibility settings in the games' properties?