DUST: A Tale of the Wired West (1995)

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I remember buying this at a liquidation store; I was going to a friend's birthday party and I needed to find a last-minute gift. I was counting on it being cheesy, but shit, I had no idea.

It's an adventure game! It's a Myst clone! It's a first person shooter!

This is the only youtube footage I could find. :( You can see the advanced conversation technology at 3:40.

Would anyone happen to be familiar with Cyberflix's other games? Like Titanic: Adventure Out of Time?

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i can't tell which sounds in

i can't tell which sounds in that video are the game and which are the shmucks talking over the game

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I love the human stop motion

I love the human stop motion animation. Almost better than regular horrible FMV.

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Oh my God, this game just

Oh my God, this game just showed up on a torrent site I frequent. I'm unable to get it at the moment, but I am considering it for the future.

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Someone PMed me an invite to

Someone PMed me an invite to the site that shall not be named. Dust is oppressive and moronic and the saloon is called The Hard Drive. Someone shot me for talking to them three times. The village paper says I got into a fistfight the previous night, even though I didn't.

Rating: 10 trains out of 10. Might pick up Cyberflix's Titanic adventure through Amazon.


Edit: There's an interesting article about CyberFlix here. It reminds me of this post

"Bill inoculated us with his vision of becoming multimedia superstars and taking over the world," says Scheinbaum. Movies were old fashioned; video games were for kids. Appleton's interactive movies would be the new medium for all people.


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Wow, there are 5 qrleons

Wow, there are 5 qrleons online right now. That is an impressive feat!

edit: the first line of that article is totally a challenge someone here is eventually going to tackle.