The Champion Pub

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OK, so imagine a game in which mustachioed men in undershirts compete in bouts of fisticuffs in an old-timey pub. In between rounds, you play a mini-game where a row of men spit into the air, and you must move a spittoon back and forth across the screen to catch it.

Now imagine this game is pinball.

And in the middle of the playing field is this:

I'm a total sucker for old-timey fisticuffs*, and there just aren't many games where I can shoot a pinball at an ethnic stereotype's moustache to knock him out. This video has some good footage of the jump-rope minigame where you pop the pinball straight up into the air, as well as the actual fight with the plastic boxer itself. (Though they appear to have customized him a little with arm tattoos and a championship belt. )

Also, those links I've been dropping to the same hideous website with the horrible tiled brick background, irritating sound samples, and awful grammar? That's the official page -- the company owns the rights to Bally's pinball tables. So if you need a couple of plastic arms, a head, or a torso, you know where to buy 'em. Be sure to check out the apparently-officially-sanctioned "Champion Pub Story". Pinball fanfic? Who would have guessed?

* I totally just this instant realized that I need to post about Nightshade, one of the very few NES adventure game and the only adventure game I'm aware of to feature boss fights and a popularity meter. And, of course, fisticuffs with British caricatures in bowler hats.

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His name is Knuckles O'Brian

I ... wow.

Nightshade had some great looking screens. The damn thing needed a password system though. Beam also made the only official Star Wars game I know of where you can steal the Millenium Falcon and blow up the Death Star with Leia still inside.