Klik of the Month Klub #29

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Sat, Nov 21 2009 05:00 PM
11/21/2009 - 16:00
11/21/2009 - 18:00

The Klik of the Month Klub meets right here on this very website on the third Saturday of every month at 4pm Pacific Time (taking daylight savings into consideration) for a two hour Klik & Play Showdown. Everyone who participates gets two hours to create something from scratch in Klik & Play. Abusing the stock objects is encouraged. If you really loathe Klik & Play you can use whatever game development platform you want. Two hours is a pretty tight time limit, though, so choose wisely!

Klik & Play is absolutely free to download, and learning it takes minutes, so everyone can get in on the action. Want to talk to your fellow Klikwreckers? Join us on IRC -- server irc.freenode.net, channel #glorioustrainwrecks. Join the mayhem!

For more information, check out the KotM N00B FAQ.

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Games made for Klik of the Month Klub #29

NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
SAVE GEOCITIES03/15/2018 - 19:22SpindleyQsavegeocities.png1
No No Sleep08/21/2010 - 03:34Blueberry SoftNoNoSleep.jpg0


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Game idea

Greencard Adventures! Apply for permanent residency in the United States without it taking so long that you have to leave the country because your visa expires.

I wonder if you can leave a Klik & Play game running for 6 years.

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I made an oregon

I made an oregon trail/desert bus type thing about travelling to Barnard's Star in realtime once.

and god don't talk about visas I'm so sick of that shit.

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I demand that you make more

I demand that you make more Klik Klomiks in the future. This stuff is just too good.

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Naw, it's not mine. They're

Naw, it's not mine. They're klik history:


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OK, nevermind, I just

OK, nevermind, I just realized that my next Klik of the Month game must be called "SAVE GEOCITIES".

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A quest that is tragically

A quest that is tragically doomed to fail.

Or is it?

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Ladies Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball??

What about the Ladies Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball? Nobody's set a date/time or made a calendar event for it yet.
Isn't that Radix, jamatthews, and Hempuli's thing?

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the game i always threatened to make

so, i think i had about 2 or 3 previous aborted tries at this but now it's here ('cause I won't be, at KotMK I mean)


It's...about as bad as I feared, but at least my custom 14-segment font looks neat.

left and right mousebuttons to flap. I suspect the directions will be exactly reversed for most people (kind of like if you do FPS inverted or "normal")

player 2 can take over from the computer at any time by pressing z or x to flap.

first to 10 wins

(PS reference for in case you don't know about JoustPong... my original unoriginal original Atari 2600 game)

joustpong3d.zip236.29 KB
joustpong3d.png7.45 KB
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This is pretty amazing

This is pretty amazing actually, and I enjoyed learning about JoustPong/FlapPing... I think it's something I'll look into further at a later date, too.

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It's amazing how the

It's amazing how the controls change it and make it so hard


"The greatest of Metroidvanias..."

"Truly, my masculinity has never been more affirmed than when I did 4, 294, 967, 296 damage to the last boss in a single attack."

"When I saw that powerup on a ledge, only to find it was higher than I could jump, my computer was rocked with several large impacts - four stars had just fallen out of the predawn sky and onto the top of this review."

INCREDIBLE ODYSSEY DELUXE is here! Hundreds of hours of gameplay! Dozens of abilities to unlock, each with multiple upgrades to hunt out! One thousand hidden missile expansions, 750 of which aren't accessible until after you beat the game!

Click the close button to dismiss the introduction dialog.

IncredibleOdyssey.zip1.19 MB
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I kind of wish I could've

I kind of wish I could've gotten those powerups.

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You just successfully

You just successfully parodied almost every game ever.

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GORILLATTACK: Dermizone Zero

You are a gorilla.

Special thanks to StorybookWeaver who looked over my shoulder while I made this, and offered suggestions that I immediately added to the game moments after they were made.

gorillattack.zip199.29 KB
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This was a really hard game.

This was a really hard game. THe high popsicles were hard to get. Also, those human figures that come with KNP terrify me.

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I'm so sorry Stephen Sondheim

He won't forgive me I just know it
The game is called STodd.

stodd.PNG50.34 KB
stodd.zip1.34 MB
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This was surprisingly addictive. I liked the the way you built in a bias towards not-shaving, and the random unavoidable Crazy Lady visits.

It's still possible to play the game as "Johnny Depp's Super Friendly Shaving Simulator", though, which seems a little unauthentic (dun dun dun!) and probably not what you intended. Perhaps you could have added in something like a "Murderbar" which rises gradually and needs to be satiated with an ever-increasing number of not-shaves?

The sound effects were great.

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Here's a version with Murderbar.

Not sure that it's an improvement, actually. I think I prefer that in the original version the game doesn't explicitly force you into delcious pie-making. It also makes the game harder.

(P.S. Having opened up the game I appreciate how complex it is. I'm still not quite sure how the people actually *arrive* in the shop to begin with).

Stodd_murderbar.zip1.29 MB
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Heh So, everything about


So, everything about the game was incredibly kludgey. Examples:

There are two random counters that increment a random number from 0 to 9 each second. When one counter hits 80 (can't remember the exact number) it populates another value from 1-3. That value determines what kind of customer is spawned. The customers have automatic movement toward the right via paths, and instructions to destroy if they hit the right side. They also have different speeds, managed by an every-30-millisecond timer event that manages speeds because KNP is so buggy.

A similar counter controls when the crazy lady appears.

The shaving and not-shaving mechanics were pretty tricky. I ended up having one shaver and not-shaver object that I just kept reusing, making them invisible for the first 2 seconds so you wouldn't see their initial animation go off. Originally I was going to have them come from the right, but you're only supposed to be able to kill them in the chair, so I made sacrifices.

Just about the buggiest thing in the game is the "Safe" condition, that counts your witnesses. It is SUPPOSED to end the game if you kill a customer and there is at least one other customer or one other crazy lady present. It USUALLY does and sometimes does not. In the end I got it mostly working, and decided that actually fixing the bug would make the game too damned hard.

And yes, I cheated on this entry. I started the layout a few days ago, recorded the sounds the morning of, and actually took around 3 hours for the physics. Sorry. IT WAS WORTH IT.

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Thanks for clearing that up.

Thanks for clearing that up. The timers were sort of confusing, plus I couldn't understand how the customers arrived without an obvious "create object X at point y", which was bugging me. If the customer objects on set paths with speeds regulated by the counter than that helps explain things (I didn't think to check them, bluhhh).

It like that the "safe" condition is kinda buggy: it's a nice feeling when you think you're going to lose but don't, and is a bit more authentic (they're not ALWAYS going to notice you, surely? Maybe they're reading a olde fashionde paper, or casually looking around the shop). The only thing that is sort of frustrating about the way you rig the function is that witnesses seem to be counted from the moment they pop on screen, rather than when they walk through the door - so sometimes it's completely a matter of luck whether or not someone walks in on you as you're makin' pies and then GAME OVER. Though I'm not exactly sure how you'd work a detection box into the mix.

As for cheating, I thought that KOTMK was not so much strictly about time limits as the extra impetus the event gives you to make cool shit anyway?

EDIT: This game reminded me of something, and it was bothering me, but now I know: those chunky handheld electronic games that used to be all the rage before the gameboy took off. This would be totes ace on one of those.

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I just found out you can

I just found out you can CANCEL a shave (or not-shave) by hitting the same button again
that is totally rhinocerous

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Advanced World of Numbers Go Up

I didn't get the music, equipment, or more levels in, but I think I need to stop here, since I already took an extra hour.


awongu.zip203.26 KB
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The worst part is that there are like ten billion more "features" of MMOs that I hate that didn't make it in. I wanted to make a much much worse game.

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I don't think you actually need to add in more features, but if you actually put some number counters in game (like level, power etc) and added in some more abilities, and random new enemies for every level, you'd give just enough terrible bait to make the player contemplate keep playing just because.

I could already feel the sick pull, and was afraid.

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small world

Small World is a game about living in a world that's too small for you. And also loneliness.

You need to go to the bathroom before leaving in the first level, and during the tricky bit in the third level just hold jump and you'll get through.

small.PNG13.7 KB
small.zip81.57 KB
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I liked the central idea

I liked the central idea here. I don't think I've seen the mechanic used in anything else before.

The ending was very lolsob-worthy.

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Your Title Screen.

Gee. I really love that title screen. I half-wish the whole game took place at that scale/in that location. It reminds me of that tom Waits song on Orphans: Children's Story.

Didn't finish a game, but got something playable.

Didn't originally plan to do KOTM, but I gave something a shot nevertheless. Top down walk around zelda style thing. Shame there's nothing to do in the game, but I'm falling asleep at my keyboard here so I have to give in.

play it here (needs the Unity3d web plugin thingy): http://tumbledrop.com/kotmnov/

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Deluxe Hamburger

A remake of an old Amiga PD game by Brian Conrad. It's not quite how I wanted it to be, but hopefully everything works ok. There is a cheat mode if you can work it out.

DeluxeHamburger.zip50.37 KB
DeluxeHamburger.JPG11.2 KB

Wow, awesome. I think I

Wow, awesome. I think I played the original, come to think of it! :3 Will give it a try when I'm on my PC.


My first KOTM, heaven help me and pry me from these infernal keys.

High-Pretension.zip125.79 KB

i'm impressed that you're

i'm impressed that you're already at the self-parody stage. this was quite cute!

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What comes after the

What comes after the self-parody stage? The ice stage?

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Bushido Edge

battle opponent
before you also battle
trademark infringement

bedge.gif16.88 KB
bedge.rar272.06 KB

i played this game with dess

i played this game with dess i was totally better at it

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That's not what I read.

That's not what I read.

uh... don't believe

uh... don't believe everything you read!

except what i post.

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Hey, this got written up at Play This Thing.

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i made this game when i asw tired.

tiredgam.png49.31 KB
tiredgam.zip840.76 KB
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Talk about what is says on

Talk about what is says on the tin.

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That last scene was the

That last scene was the best. I initially thought the scene with hundreds of dolphins was the ending, but I'm glad I stuck around.

Malefact's picture

Seconded, the last scene

Seconded, the last scene really made me jump. That was cool.

The introduction was very zen. Instead of actually doing anything I preferred to be nosed gently by the dolphins until I neared land.

Also, I'm really surprised that no-one mentioned the middle mechanic! Elvis giving you the power to fly, fuck yes, and it isn't just random chance, there's quite a bit actual skill to it too.

I really like that the non-dream form gives you invulnerability but a bad jump, and the dream form makes you vulnberable to everything but lets you go super fast and infinitely high. There's something quite poetic there too.

I'd really like to have had quite a few more levels of playing around with that, 'cause I think it was an interesting enough idea to take a bit more experimentation.

but fi yiu were tured then thats understandble

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Yeah, seconding the notion for you adding more game. The mechanic is ace.


Though, obviously, my bubbley drinking Whale and Mermaid are far superior to yours.

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boxes courtesy ifeelmyself.com

boxes.zip160.34 KB
boxes.png41.41 KB

Very subtle! :) I like it!

Very subtle! :) I like it!

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The start-to-crate on this

The start-to-crate on this is pathetic.

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When my box touches another box it goes crazy


This was really quite fun.

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This game involves LEGS

Nothing REALLY crazy. Just wanted to see how well my several year-old scrolling engine held up.

Shift to jump, Ctrl to fire arrows (when you obtain them).

Also, El Loco Dumas = Yellow Runner. Just an injoke from a friend of mine.

ElLocoDumasInSpace.zip261.92 KB
ElLocoDumasInSpace.png64.77 KB
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That scrolling impresses

That scrolling impresses me... probably far more than it should.

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You made that scrolling engine when you were 12?
Sheesh,you must've been really good at KNP or something.
Or just were really bored.

(PS:I got the joke in the title)

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That death animation is way

That death animation is way crazy! 8-)

Ghost House

ghosthouse.png8.73 KB
ghosthouse.zip1.19 MB

Hey this looks too much like

Hey this looks too much like a proper game! D: Super cute too!

sergiocornaga's picture

Really cute game! I found it

Really cute game! I found it quite hard to complete, but it was worth it.

Also, there's a bug which occurs when you jump off the top of the screen from the outdoor staircase.

oh man i totally missed

oh man i totally missed that

i hope nobody does that on their first playthrough

i can't edit my original

i can't edit my original post for some reason but i fixed it

ghosthouse.zip1.19 MB
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i did that on my first

i did that on my first playthrough

i thought that was the ending

sergiocornaga's picture

I also did it on my first

I also did it on my first playthrough. I think it's because of the game's similarities with Mario games. The haunted house, with ghosts that look like Boos. Getting outside and seeing that Mario-esque staircase made me want to jump off the very top, aiming for the tip of a flagpole that doesn't exist.

The pull of Mario mechanics is strong indeed.

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Gratuitous Arm v2

I tried to make a sequel to Chinese Office Plus but gave up. so I went about re-re-releasing this old one, making it slightly more of a game in the process.

GA.zip716.77 KB
gratarm.gif26.48 KB
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That is one strong arm.

That is one strong arm.

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A simple game made in Construct, since KNP won't run on my new machine. I really like Construct so far and this was pretty fun to make. Based on a true story.

spoonbreaker.zip859.39 KB
screen.png13.03 KB
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Needs a secret Uri Geller

Needs a secret Uri Geller mode.

Malefact's picture

I like to imagine that in

I like to imagine that in this game I am smearing raspberry jam on two particularly unusual crumpets

This does not quite explain why my spoon breaks but it is better than thinking too deeply about what I have done

...oh god what have I done

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Meh Effect 1 & 2 Collection Special Edition

Second day of using KNP... Pretty unhappy with every aspect of this game. The scrolling shmup part could become something kind of neat if I had more time and more knowledge of the quirks of KNP, though.

meheffect.gif2.86 KB
meh effect.zip218.53 KB
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Since I didn't give your

Since I didn't give your last game a proper comment, I thought I should say something about this one first.

I thought it was neat the way the two games complemented each other. Games are fun when you are the person that has power, and you're usually using that power to blow shit up. Meh effect two makes its point a lot more ironically and better than LOSE/LOSE does, and the plus side is that it doesn't f- over your computer in the process.

But yes! Not as bad as you thought it was, and it made me think, so yay.

sergiocornaga's picture

Wow, thanks for the kind

Wow, thanks for the kind words. I guess I didn't like my creation so much because of its short length, and because I feel both the endings are just rehashing what I did in an earlier KOTM entry, Bluegirl.

That you said this game does anything better than LOSE/LOSE really pleases me! I worry it's mostly because of how annoyed I imagine Zach Gage would be if he read it. But, no harm in a little schadenfreude, right?


It was originally going to be a hybrid of Adventure for the Atari and Geocities, but now it's just whatever the fuck it is.

Arrow keys move, and space shoots the bow when you get it.


geoventure.zip509.96 KB
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I loved this.

I loved this.

Malefact's picture

Getting the ***** was just

Getting the ***** was just hard enough to be satisfying.

Perhaps not really to do with the design, but in the final section I loved how I managed used the right key for ********* first time, as if by instinct.


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You stole my rotating 3D

You stole my rotating 3D skulls :O

You Lose No Matter What

the music part was going to have baby elephant walk but windows media broke knp so everybody's all rocking out to the "metronome" i made to get the timing right. ylnmw: game of the year edition will restore this functionality; ylnmw classic owners can add this exclusive content for only 800 microsoft points

youlosescreen.PNG70.89 KB
youlose.zip931.21 KB
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It was fun to figure out

It was fun to figure out what to do in Music Party but after that it was sort of frustrating (though I did play it a couple more times to see what sort of score I could get).

There is something pretty sweet about all the applause I was getting in fruit contest AND it was educational in that it taught me to fear pirates.

ALL IN ALL: I got something out of this game, so I WIN. In your face!

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a game for cats

i didnt get to do all i wanted to i had like three more ideas for activities but this took so fucking long oh god no screenshot it is a game for your cat to play

forcats.rar6.83 MB
daphaknee's picture



daphaknee's picture



Desktop.rar6.85 MB
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I wish I was a cat so I

I wish I was a cat so I could get the full experience of this game.

Malefact's picture

The first foray into a

The first foray into a previously untapped but doubtless lucrative market

I am actually v. tempted to try this out on our cats but I've just discovered they've got fleas >>

Also, they would muss the hell out of my laptop

I think we have to fight now

I think we have to fight now because we made accidentally similar games

Polly Ester reference

Oh man, I read Filler religiously in high school.

SpindleyQ's picture

Oh man, I look so much

Oh man, I look so much dorkier when you know that Polly Ester is the name of a Samurai Pizza Cat. :(

sergiocornaga's picture

Hi, just thought I'd alert

Hi, just thought I'd alert you that your links for email, guestbook and Netscape are broken.

The ending was so sad...

Malefact's picture

...but appropriate.

...but appropriate.


A (sexually) loving tribute to Jeff Minter.

And also Crystal Quest.



camquest.rar1.67 MB
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Is it Joe Camel, I couldn't

Is it Joe Camel, I couldn't see the fags.




the sun now kills you, enemies move slower to balance it out and also NEW SOUNDS AND MUSIC


spacecam.rar965.58 KB
spacecamel.jpg112.51 KB
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It's like Space Giraffe and

It's like Space Giraffe and Gridrunner Revolution threw up in my mouth!

needs more hovver bovver

Actually someone really ought to make a game called "Every Jeff Minter Game" that literally combines the mechanics of every Jeff Minter game into one insanely ambitious and unplayable catastropiece. People would think it was a joke game, like "har har it's probably just pong in front of a psychedelic background with a sheep for a ball", but the joke would be on them as they controlled a headbanger pushing a lawnmower around a Tempest web while changing the direction of gravity, bouncing lasers off of a movable ceiling at screen-filling mutant camels, avoiding the XY Zapper, and collecting friendly beasties before they're turned into zombeasts.

this is actually exactly

this is actually exactly what i wanted to do, unfortunately i didn't have the time and i also doubt KNP could handle such an ambitious project such as that, haha

hovver bovver 2 is one of my favourite coffee break games. i bought it for dess for her birthday this year too, but i don't know if she ever played it!

also, here's a screenshot to entice people who haven't played it yet:

Radix's picture

This is so silly.

This is so silly.

Stupid Construct bug means the music doesn't restart after you die. Ugh.

There's no ending.

MM.rar628.93 KB
MM.png3.2 KB
Radix's picture

Here's a fixed version.

Here's a fixed version.

-music thing fixed
-jumping collision fixed a bit
-death animation
-pre-level card (even though there's still only one level (it was part of the music fix))

MMfix.rar630.71 KB
Radix's picture


Oh man. I had something more important to do so I spent all day turning this into a full game!


MarioM1.png12.54 KB
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I finally made a game :D

It was suppose to be about me staying up all night to be ready for the 'Klik Of The Month', but then I fell asleep. So I started it an hour or two late, but here it is.

No No Sleep.

NoNoSleep.png24.79 KB
No No Sleep.zip244.87 KB
jamatthews's picture

I fell to sleep. :(

I fell to sleep. :(

SpindleyQ's picture

Congratulations! You win

Congratulations! You win the Official Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com Award for the Longest Period Between First Post And First Game. Good to have you aboard!

Blueberry Soft's picture


Time to get training for the Official Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com Award for the Longest Period Between First Game And Second Game.

Super-Dot's picture


The core mechanic took the longest time to debug, and I got it to work right by doing COMPLETELY THE WRONG THING. That's why it took me 4.75 hours. Anyway, it works now!

Spam with the mouse.

Super-Dot's picture

This version requires less

This version requires less mouse-spam and has more transparency and keeps track of cracked icewebs! It's almost identical, but more pleasant.

ioshiin's picture

Crap. I missed it :< so

Crap. I missed it :<

so many awesome games too.