Two Bees...Or Not Two Bees (Psychosomnium Hack)

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Two hacks of my favorite section of cactus’ game Psychomnium. For the first, I simply isolated the “bee” section, made it scroll, added a second checkpoint, and added a second bee. It’s extremely difficult, not impossible, super satisfying upon completion, and a perfect illustration of “masocore” design. Piano players might get a kick out of its requirement for two-handed dexterity. For the second, I used the same isolated, scrolling level and the extra checkpoint, but with a single bee and I modified the controls so that the bee accelerates upwards the entire time that the Up Arrow button is held down as opposed to the previous requirement for several distinct button presses. The idea is to illustrate just how much a seemingly minor control tweak can impact the “feel” of a game’s play. The game is currently Windows-only.

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I don't know why`

maybe it's the computer I have but I'm getting major graphics glitch errors from these files, like i'm seeing in a kaleidescope. I don't know if it's intentional or if my netbook can't handle it.. If it's game maker used I've played game maker games without a hitch.. I did like the trppiness displayed here, but it made things harder. Regardless keep up the good work

There isn't anything

There isn't anything intentionally kaleidoscopic about the game so the credit has to go to a computer glitch. That said, I'm glad that the game could offer you an interesting experience of some kind, intentional or otherwise!

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Jesus Christ, my brain can't

Jesus Christ, my brain can't comprehend how to do this on it's own.