Birthday Trainwreck Surprise!

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September 25 is my birthday, and I thought I'd celebrate by making another hit game in the "You Have to Put the Noun in the Other Noun" series! Turns out I was an hour late with it (over here, anyway), but whatever. Comes with the source code for the original "You Have to Put the Ball in the Cup" game, which is the template for nearly all of SoftSoft's incredible games! I am going to stipulate that it is alright for non-commercial derivative use (but why would you want to sell this?!?), as long as you clearly mark that it is a fangame.

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Happy birthday! I hope it

Happy birthday! I hope it was a good one, though your game hints that it might not have been? Hopefully I'm wrong about that.

I think this might be your least logical combination of nouns yet. Thanks for the source code release too, I find Inform 7 pretty confusing so this will be helpful if I want to make a fangame in the future.

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Yeah, it was alright. I'm

Yeah, it was alright. I'm used to celebrating my birthday on the weekend anyway.

I'm glad you'll find the source code handy! Just be aware that it was compiled with an earlier version of Inform, so some of it might not work right.

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Happy birthday Healy! I'm

Happy birthday Healy! I'm glad you hang around.

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Happy Birthday! Glad to see

Happy Birthday!

Glad to see you released the SoftSoft game's source code! Who wouldn't want to edit their amazing games for their amusement?
Seriously though, have a Happy Birthday and I hope it's special. :D