Tinkering with Twine page transitions

I'm just tinkering with different CSS transitions between pages in Twine games.

* Expand.
(These below force the passages to the fixed width of 60em in order for the out-transition to be congruent with the in-transition.)
* Cross-fade.
* Zoom.

I'll edit more into here if I make any.

(The game that is being used is The Sky in the Room.)

tsitr_fade.html89.99 KB
tsitr_zoom.html89.72 KB
tsitr_zoom2.html90.16 KB
tsitr_typeout1.html94.07 KB


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Saw "page transitions" in

Saw "page transitions" in the title and immediately thought of those silly Web 1.0 page transitions that were a part of IE6. Sites could feature goofy-looking wipes or fades when navigating between pages.

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Yeah, do something CRAZY like

And yes, I've tested this, it is possible to load jquery into a twine story without breaking everything, but you gotta be careful about it.