alienbill advent 2012

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A new toy or game every day leading upto Christmas!

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Oh yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes

Oh yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes you're doing this again! So awesome.

Edit: The skating Santa toy seems familiar somehow?

Edit 2: The scaling settings are all wrong... I can only see a portion of the thing on my phone, and it won't allow me to zoom out so I can see the whole thing.

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Yeah, unfortunately this is

Yeah, unfortunately this is more of a port than original work... just a few new pieces, a lot of revamping, the size increase, and the change of platform for iOS.

I am working on the sizing thing now. I think if I don't don't block pinch zoom its too easy too do when you're interacting with the day's toy, but it's not fitting on iPhone. (I did the 25 ports, and then procrastinated terribly on the new framework for it.)

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I don't blame if you limit

I don't blame if you limit your yesyesyesyesyes to one or zero yeses. I gotta admit I am having trouble thinking of things that aren't repeats!

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I think in the future I

I think in the future I should stretch myself to come up with 25 new things, damn it.

BUT- I fixed the scaling issue. It was half thinking about some things when I was planning to wrap it as an iOS app, half I didn't know about a nice library for disabling "double tap to zoom" which was causing a very ugly set of jumping around while interacting w/ the thing...

thanks for the nags!

I for one loved it

Just look at it. It's pretty much every activity I could think of around the time to even shaking a globe or daaaay of the time of making snow angels. It feels like you were making stuff where you were running out of ideas but this is where it shines..

Or that snowflake!!! anyone else made a snowflake? here's mine!!

I hope it's not too big for de screen, enjoy!

edit: aww man, here I am editing the size of my snowflake so it doesn't interfere with making you have to scroll and it's not my picture that's the culprit but the snapshot at the top.. I'm taking an a out of daaaay for that.

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aaa these games are so cute!

aaa these games are so cute!