Moving Maze.

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So, er, whoops. I spent the weekend celebrating a birthday, but half bothered that I was missing the Pirate Kart Festivities. I was able to spend a few hours Sunday night trying to get SOMETHING done to contribute, and one of the ideas got finished: MOVING MAZE.

Then I come here to upload it and find out the fucking thing's this weekend anyway. I have plans for B, and C versions of the game for the Kart.


(Now playable on Internet Archive:

Moving Maze A.rar61.84 KB


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This felt very

This felt very professor_scissors-y. Sans monochrome pixel graphics and cheesy 70's pop MIDIs, of course.

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It almost did have monochrome pixel graphics and 70s/80s pop MIDIs. That's how it looked in my head, and still may be how it looks on the Pirate Kart.

My current high score is 93. By that point it is pretty fucking boring.