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Two PROTOFLESHLINGS will take on BRIDALCOMBATANT status and compete in BAN-BA-BOUND in order to have their LOVE acknowledged by society so they can ascend to the MARRIAGE STATUSPHERE.

BAN-BA-BOUND is a challenge for 1 or 2 BRIDALCOMBATANTS within a strict time limit.

[THE ARROW KEYS] control the EXPECTICANT: REACH the DIFFERENTLY COLORED ELECTROPLASMOID in the far corner of the MARRIAGE GRID whereupon you will become the ABSORPTIONATRIX and earn the capability to DEVOUR the (previously dangerous) ELECTROPLASMOIDS before the timer reaches ZERO POSSIBILITY OF SUCCESS.

*IMPORTANT* Contact with the dangerous ELECTROPLASMOIDS while in EXPECTICANT mode will leave behind a burnt huskflesh BLOCKADE and your body will be reconstituted back at the point of origin.

[THE MOUSE] controls the PROTECTRESS: USE your magnificent body to DEFLECT the dangerous ELECTROPLASMOIDS and GUARD the EXPECTICANT as they strive for ABSORPTIONATRIX status. Contact with a huskflesh BLOCKADE will disintegrate it.

PRO-TIP: The practice of strategic self-sacrifice blockading has proven useful in the past.

PRO-TIP: F2 to reset.

(The in-game music is from Wizards & Warriors)

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My farewell to KnP.

Constructed in Klik n Play. Do let me know if you have problems installing/running it.

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The PROTECTRESS is instantly

The PROTECTRESS is instantly moved to the corner of the screen when I move my mouse. I don't know what's going wrong, re-installing the game fixes nothing! It makes the game unplayable as a result :s

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I can't account for why exactly that's happening. That's not a problem I've ever encountered with the controls. That's really unfortunate. My apologies.

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If you are running in a VM

If you are running in a VM you need to turn off Mouse Integration for the mouse controls to work.