oh the humanity

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I got klik & play for christmas, sometime around 1995 I think, from probably my favourite uncle of all time. I never actually finished a game with it , preferring instead to try and make ambitious multi-genre 007 games, which I would get bored of halfway through developing the tank level.

Now, after the Pirate Kart Meltdown, my mind has been re-blown about how AMAZING this program is for really quick game development. Not only that, you can make the games as pretentious and emotional-subtextually loaded as you like, because the sheer crudeness of the mechanics and hilarity of the clipart will lower the gravitas like nobody's business.

Now, there are two other factors:
a) It is in my nature to get over any fervent interest (like K&P) within a month or so, and not return to it for a long time. So I better start making some stuff before I mentally move on!
b) I work nightfill at a supermarket, and usually finish around 4-5am, after which I generally decide it is a good idea to not go to sleep. So I have about 2 hours of dead time before the day would begin for most people.

Are you getting a picture here? Well hold your spanish dancing horses, there is one more thing:

c) I have recently begun a new relationship, with a girl I am quite fond of!

Ergo, my fellow glorious trainsurfers, I will attempt to chart the course of this relationship, or at least thoughts pertaining to it, with multiple Klik & Play games, each made in less than two hours and fuelled by Ballantine's Finest. They will be pretentious, they will make you cringe, and they will occasionally be loaded with subtle references only I will understand. And oh yes, there will be plenty of horrendously fast-animated cheerleaders.

To begin, I re-submit to you something I made for the pirate kart:

Walk You Home Tonight (attached)

Walk you home tonight.rar151.86 KB


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I approve of this endeavour.

I approve of this endeavour. The idea of gameblogging is genius.

Also, you should be able to attach files to blog posts, which would maybe help prevent linkrot.

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It won't let me attach rars

It won't let me attach rars :(
I could rename it and then tell people to rename it back I guess.

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Or I could just enable RAR

Or I could just enable RAR and ZIP uploading.

No files over 2mb, apparently, though!

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Hot dog. 2mb? There goes my 1/2 hour opening cinematic and full orchestral score.