It's Wolfentime! (a Wolf 3D jam)

Mon, Mar 25 2013 06:00 AM
03/25/2013 - 06:00
03/25/2013 - 23:59

We had a DooM event, so now it's time for a Wolf 3D event! Making maps for Wolf 3D is incredibly easy, so all are encouraged to take part! The plan is to put all the levels together to form a new episode or two, complete with a custom title screen!

general grettle ss2 officer2 guard2 hans2

So, what do you need?

1. A copy of Wolfenstein 3D. The shareware edition is fine, though the full version will give you more to play with.

2. A way to play Wolfenstein. You can use DOSBox if you wish, but there are also sourceports (I use NewWolf):

3. An editor. I use Havoc's Wolf Editor. It's full-featured, easy to use and even includes built-in documentation and tutorials:

4. If those tutorials are a bit too heady, here is a nice one that gives you the basics of Wolf 3D level design. It's for a different editor, but it's pretty much the same stuff: And here is a very in-depth one:

5. Inspiration. Ellaguro wrote some great articles about Wolf 3D's level design, which could give you some good ideas. With some imagination, you can make something special in Wolf 3D, despite how limited it appears to be.



And by fight, I mean design levels.

This is a bit of a loose event. A few friends are hoping to have a LIVE JAM on the 25th, but that might not happen. Really, just add levels here and we'll put it together in an episode when we have enough/too many levels! You can even post levels you've previously made that you're proud of. Unless we reach 60 levels. Then we're screwed.

The final collection will likely use the full version of Wolfenstein, we'll just have to cut out all the official levels to avoid any piracy issues.

OH, one more thing. Please export your maps, so that you don't have to upload Wolfenstein 3D with your work. All the map files will be pulled together at the end of the event.

Games made for It's Wolfentime! (a Wolf 3D jam)

NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
Glorious Wolfenstein Trainwreck - Springtime04/15/2013 - 08:17HulkHandsomespringtime.jpg13
EPISODE TWO SECRET AREA03/25/2013 - 22:37Pizza Timewol-f-u.png0
Barrels03/25/2013 - 18:24juliettebarrelswf3d.png0
Creepy Pasta03/25/2013 - 17:59ShineSyndromecreepss.png0
My Level03/25/2013 - 08:26juliettemylevel1b.png0
Pgilstein map 203/24/2013 - 20:05pgilwolflevel2.jpg0
Pgilstein map103/24/2013 - 17:12pgilwolflevel.png0
Wolfeinstein 3D03/24/2013 - 05:43mutantlegwolftitle.jpg1
Outbreak03/19/2013 - 01:38HulkHandsomeoutbreak.jpg0
Could be Worse03/08/2013 - 01:19HulkHandsomeNewWolf 2013-03-08 18-27-09-72.jpg0
Gretel's Grotto03/08/2013 - 01:12HulkHandsomegretel.jpg0


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I will totally try to do

I will totally try to do something.

didn't mean to make this a reply

i am obviously gonna do something! can't decide whether to finish up a few of the old maps i still have left or do something completely new

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well damn

how do i play a .map file? what am i supposed to do with it? (i could go fine if the file was a .wad but my MaptoWad doesn't do jack

Ah. This is one of the

Ah. This is one of the limits of Wolf 3D editing! You can't just plug in a single map file, as in Doom. It needs to be with all the other maps, and replace the entire file in your Wolf 3D directory. This is one of the reasons why I want to compile them all into one episode.

So in order to play a .map file, you have to open your Wolf 3D files in an editor, import the .map file into that, save it, then load the game. This will permanently replace the older maps if you didn't backup the files.

map files will make it easier to put an episode together, but harder for everyone to play each map separately. If you want, you can upload all the stuff people need to play off the bat. I just wanted to avoid that because it felt like bloating the servers.

As a side note, those first two levels I uploaded aren't worth the effort. I think they'll sit nicely in an episode, but are a bit naff on their own. I'm hoping my next level will be much better!

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Some things to keep in mind:

- The Landscape wall tile has a day scene on the north and south face and a night scene on the east and west.

- The Elevator tile has the actual switch on the E/W side and the railings on the N/S. You really have to have the entrance to the east or west if you want your elevator to look right otherwise you'll have two switches and one railing which looks silly.

- To make an elevator take you to the secret level put that floor code in your elevator. Simple as that.

- Avoid using more than one floor code for each room. Your editor is likely to give you a warning about this when you error check your map but you should keep it in mind anyway. Feel free to use the same floor code in multiple rooms to set up ambushes though.

- The floor code that makes a guard deaf won't interfere with the other floor code in your room.

- A room behind a pushwall is counted as the same room so should use the same floor code. You'll get caught out anyway but the less errors to check the better.

- More on pushwalls: there aren't individual tiles for pushwalls instead it's an object that you can place on any wall to turn it into one. Pushwalls move backwards two spaces when used so make sure that there isn't anything obscuring them. Enemies will stop a wall dead when they occupy the same space so make sure that you use the Deaf Guard floor code on any guards that are in your secret room.

- If you're confused at how guards are numbered that number indicates the lowest skill level that a particular guard will first appear on.

- One key for every door. If you have multiple silver and gold doors on your map make sure that you have enough keys to go around. If you think that pulling shit like limiting access to keys so that players will have to open your doors in a specific order is funny then fuck you buddy. Wanker.

- If for some reason you've put a guard inside a wall then they'll hear you shooting off your gun anywhere on the map and come to get you. Oh and things will be able to walk through that wall.

- The End Game Trigger object will end the episode so it's only really of use on map E1M9 because killings Hans won't automatically end the episode like all of the other bosses do. Plus it need six or so tiles north to properly set up or you will be staying a while in Castle Wolfenstein. Forever!

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I am so doing this

I am so doing this

Rookie here. Looks like fun!

Rookie here. Looks like fun!

+1 level


Looking forward to the episode.

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So is there, like, going to

So is there, like, going to be an official map order or should we just do up our own personal episode with whatever order we like?

I was going to put an

I was going to put an episode together but have been a bit busy!

Liz still wants to make a level and I wanted to contribute another, but since we have just the right amount for a new episode, feel free to put it together if I take too long to do it myself.

What should we call this

What should we call this episode and does anyone want to do a title screen for it? Please note that APPARENTLY it's a bit of a hassle doing such a thing.

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We should name it

We should name it "Springtime".

I only just got this joke.

I only just got this joke.