Glorious Wolfenstein Trainwreck - Springtime


The very first Glorious Trainwreck Wolfenstein Episode! Ten levels, five authors, one episode (plus a Wolfenstein remake made by mutantleg! Not included in this file)



1. Outbreak - Cycle
2. Pgilstein map 2 - pgil
3. Creepy Pasta - ShineSyndrome
4. Could be worse - Cycle
5. Pgilstein map1 - pgil
6. My level - fabienporee
7. ESCAPE! WOLF SPEAR OF CASTLE DESTINY'S CHILD - Pizza Time (added and edited without permission to complete the episode!)
8. Barrels - fabienporee
Boss - Gretel's Grotto - Cycle

Arranged in order of difficulty and mindfuckery, lowest to highest. Barrels is quite something. THE ONLY REASON MY LEVEL IS FIRST IS BECAUSE I ADDED AN ENTRANCE TO THE SECRET LEVEL, OKAY, IT NEEDS TO BE ON THE FIRST LEVEL.

I tested every single level to make sure it was possible to complete them. It's possible (though I had to edit a couple which had level breaking bugs in vanilla Wolf), but some SURE MAKE IT DIFFICULT. SDLWolf (or whatever) is included in the zip for convenience, but feel free to use your own port of choice, or good ol' DOSBox! NOTE: NewWolf seems to cause a few problems here and there.

No custom title screen, sorry! Maybe for when we add another episode!

Remember, if it's too difficult, press the L,I and M keys at the same time to cheat a bit. Cheater.


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I hope I didn't make the

I hope I didn't make the opening level too difficult! Let me know if any of you need PROTIPS.

ALSO, I may update it later with a README and a packed-in source port, but I'm too tired right now. Sorry!

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Sweet, I'm so glad this happened. I'm gonna play the hell out of this.
I was hoping Liz would make a level because Liz is cool but hey.
I'm glad you liked (??) Barrels, that was really fun to make :)

Yeah, Liz planned to make

Yeah, Liz planned to make something but other things got in the way. Maybe something for the next episode (although when I last spoke to her, she was more interested in Doom).

I simultaneously loved and hated barrels.

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This is arranged in order of

This is arranged in order of increasing difficulty?

Fuck, I'm bad at Wolfenstein.

Is it the first level you're

Is it the first level you're having trouble with? I'm quite worried I made it too difficult. I designed it to be included later in the episode but had to change that, so quickly threw a bunch of ammo in the opening area to try to make things a little easier.

Also, remember to play on the lowest difficulty! I can't speak for everyone else, but my levels feature more enemies the higher the difficulty, plus enemies do less damage on lower levels.

And remember, you can cheat by pressing the L, I and M keys together!

Also, my idea of difficulty my differ from other people's.

PROTIP: There is a secret area where you find the gold key in the first level. In it, you can find a machine gun. Just remember that eats up ammo a lot quicker than the rifle (my weapon of choice when I'm not being swamped).


This version now includes an exciting READ_THIS! file. I also changed the order of the levels to try to make the difficulty curve smoother. I also changed my own level a little to try to make it a bit easier. Oh, and it's now packed with SDLWolf or whatever, for convenience.

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Looking through the data

Looking through the data files with an editor I see many maps from the original game are still in there. It would probably be for the best if you make them all an entirely solid block of walls so that people like me who go looking through the data files won't be getting an almost entirely free version of Wolfenstein 3D. You know, for legality and all that.

The average person probably won't make it through the new starting map for the other episodes to see that but those people that do like to root around in the data files might bring that to your attention, possibly not nicely.

The new starting map is

The new starting map is impossible to complete, but I see your point. I'll make the changes.

I'm leaving the starting map, though.

Also, are you okay with me putting your other map in there? I can edit it back out if you'd prefer.

Okay, uploaded a new version

Okay, uploaded a new version with all the other levels removed.

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It's for the good of the

It's for the good of the episode then I'm all for it.

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Having played through the

Having played through the episode I like maps two and six the most, those ones are real keepers. Top job pgil and fabien.

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I'm still on my sabbatical but I thought I'd pop 'round to share a little something that I put together in an hour. I've compiled all of the levels into a pk3 that can be run with ECWolf so if you've already got Wolfenstein you can just download an 18kb file instead of something that's around 2MB and not have to have a separate folder. I even set it up so that you don't need to select an episode it'll just take you straight into the first level after you've chosen your skill. Just drag it over the executable to load it and Hans is your uncle.

Better late than never I suppose.

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Hey everyone, I updated

Hey everyone, I updated Outbreak (the first level). It was originally going to be part of a larger narrative/set of levels and since that is probably never going to happen, I went back and made it standalone. There is now much more enemy variety, it's much more forgiving (due to weaker enemies), and there is a neat little narrative I tried to tell. If you didn't check this episode out before, now is the time to do it!