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The Cursed Gallery - A Glorious Trainwrecks Knytt Stories+ Collaboration


A Knytt Stories+ level by:

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Cursed Gallery Hub


This is supposed to be the starting area for the Another Knytt Stories Collaboration Level collab project (the proposed idea being "The Cursed Gallery"). It's currently 16 screens long.

Some notes that may or may not be of interest:

* Features a freshly new tileset made almost from scratch and a couple COs for the lighting effects. There are still 3 unused tiles in the set, suggestions for these are welcome.

* Since this is just a hub area with no challenges, there's not much to do here, but I suppose it can still be somewhat enjoyed as a simple playground level and "appreciate the art" while taking a relaxing walk.

* There are 10 big framed portraits with a golden plaque that can be used as access points to the other upcoming areas of the level (if the final number of areas end up being less, it's just a matter of removing a few plaques).

* All the portrait pictures are just placeholders for now. I made the area in a way that only tileset A is needed in every screen, so tileset B can be used to hold the preview pictures for each area (plus other decorative pictures). The picture for each frame has to be cropped by 4 pixels from the outer border and overlayed over the background texture ("Tileset19.png" may serve as an example).

* The door at the end can be used as an ending room that would only be unlocked once the player has finished the other areas or accomplished any specific goal (collecting a certain power, all KS+ coins/artifacts...)

* The stairs at x1000y1000 and x1005y1000 caused a wallswim when they went all the way up due to the triangular collision mask, so I resorted to cut them off at the upper border and make the last step a simple jump. If anyone knows of a more elegant solution, please tell me.

* No KS+ features used for now, but if the whole level ends up requiring KS+, I wouldn't be opposed to adding some extra lighting effects and bonuses.

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A collaborative flickgame made in 15-30 minute turns.

Frames 1-4 by Matthew Gatland
Frames 5-8 by Alice Gatland
Frames 9-12 by Kate Anwen
Frames 13-16 by me

Matthew & Alice & Kate & Sergio
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Contacto Ocular

Captura de pantalla 2013-08-19 a la(s) 00.17.02.png

This videogame is two-player only.

Player 1. WASD to move
Player 2. Arrow Keys to move

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Glorious Wolfenstein Trainwreck - Springtime


The very first Glorious Trainwreck Wolfenstein Episode! Ten levels, five authors, one episode (plus a Wolfenstein remake made by mutantleg! Not included in this file)



1. Outbreak - Cycle
2. Pgilstein map 2 - pgil
3. Creepy Pasta - ShineSyndrome
4. Could be worse - Cycle
5. Pgilstein map1 - pgil
6. My level - fabienporee
7. ESCAPE! WOLF SPEAR OF CASTLE DESTINY'S CHILD - Pizza Time (added and edited without permission to complete the episode!)
8. Barrels - fabienporee
Boss - Gretel's Grotto - Cycle

Arranged in order of difficulty and mindfuckery, lowest to highest. Barrels is quite something. THE ONLY REASON MY LEVEL IS FIRST IS BECAUSE I ADDED AN ENTRANCE TO THE SECRET LEVEL, OKAY, IT NEEDS TO BE ON THE FIRST LEVEL.

I tested every single level to make sure it was possible to complete them. It's possible (though I had to edit a couple which had level breaking bugs in vanilla Wolf), but some SURE MAKE IT DIFFICULT. SDLWolf (or whatever) is included in the zip for convenience, but feel free to use your own port of choice, or good ol' DOSBox! NOTE: NewWolf seems to cause a few problems here and there.

No custom title screen, sorry! Maybe for when we add another episode!

Remember, if it's too difficult, press the L,I and M keys at the same time to cheat a bit. Cheater.


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Springy Sproingy


Finished version of Healy's "Springy Spoingy" Knytt Stories level. It's a level about bouncing on flowers. In fact almost the entire level is covered in bouncy flowers. If you're good enough you can even bounce all the way to the end without touching the floor!

Environmental, with a few challenge segments. There's an optional bounce challenge that, when completed, gives you a special item.

I feel like this is a bit linear, and my rock formations are nowhere near as extravagant as Healy's. I'm also concerned I don't have enough bouncing action near the end. Still, I'm satisfied with it overall, especially with how I found different ways to incorporate bouncing into gameplay.

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Community Chainwreck 2 and 1/2: Episode 1


Decided I would go ahead and get the first episode out even though there's still five days to go.

This episode pretty much establishes the main plot. I tried to go for something coherent instead of just all-out random. Hopefully I did a decent job on expanding Yellow Jogger as a character.

Also this has the first two levels of the game, which are both pretty short.

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