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Glorious Wolfenstein Trainwreck - Springtime


The very first Glorious Trainwreck Wolfenstein Episode! Ten levels, five authors, one episode (plus a Wolfenstein remake made by mutantleg! Not included in this file)



1. Outbreak - Cycle
2. Pgilstein map 2 - pgil
3. Creepy Pasta - ShineSyndrome
4. Could be worse - Cycle
5. Pgilstein map1 - pgil
6. My level - fabienporee
7. ESCAPE! WOLF SPEAR OF CASTLE DESTINY'S CHILD - Pizza Time (added and edited without permission to complete the episode!)
8. Barrels - fabienporee
Boss - Gretel's Grotto - Cycle

Arranged in order of difficulty and mindfuckery, lowest to highest. Barrels is quite something. THE ONLY REASON MY LEVEL IS FIRST IS BECAUSE I ADDED AN ENTRANCE TO THE SECRET LEVEL, OKAY, IT NEEDS TO BE ON THE FIRST LEVEL.

I tested every single level to make sure it was possible to complete them. It's possible (though I had to edit a couple which had level breaking bugs in vanilla Wolf), but some SURE MAKE IT DIFFICULT. SDLWolf (or whatever) is included in the zip for convenience, but feel free to use your own port of choice, or good ol' DOSBox! NOTE: NewWolf seems to cause a few problems here and there.

No custom title screen, sorry! Maybe for when we add another episode!

Remember, if it's too difficult, press the L,I and M keys at the same time to cheat a bit. Cheater.


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SquarePush Garden


This is a semi-sequel to SquarePusher by anne laplantine. A few of the mechanics have been simplified or altered so as to more closely resemble similar ones in increpare's English Country Tune.

R - restart puzzle.
Arrows - move yourself.
Esc - exit.

In this game, all of the levels are in easily editable text files. The symbols are as follows:

# - walls. These determine the scale of the viewport when you play the level.
@ - you. You can have multiples of yourself.
> - exit. All of them must be covered by yourself to win.
, - white tile. Plant on all of them to win.
. - check tile.
+ - weed.
O - egg. All of these must be in a basket to win.
X - basket.

Feel free to play the levels in any order.

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An event
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