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How'd You Get That One?


How'd You Get That One?

a micro fiction game by Nikki Bee

press the Spacebar to advance text or make a selection when prompted. press the up and down arrow keys or W/S to move up and down prompts.
press escape to pause/unpause the game. press spacebar to activate a selection in the pause menu. hold the left or right arrow keys or A/D to adjust sliders.

made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. source is included. feel free to modify it, although I am currently working on improving the scripting engine, which I can give a copy of at request

original scripting engine by danworth
funtext code by everythingstaken
music by thatguynm
font is HK Grotesk by Hanken Design Co.

sfx from aim, an unknown pc-98 game, and some random telephone sample I have

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The Adventures of Cecily: Escape from the Tedious Event


Cecily, administrative coordinator for a major arts organization, dreams of something more...

But she’s currently trapped at the cocktail reception of a major fundraiser and needs to escape before the long-winded speeches and sponsor acknowledgments begin.

Using only highly honed conversation skills, can you make it past the clucking clustered guests standing between Cecily and the exit? Only you can help Cecily reach her true creative potential outside of the thankless world of arts administration…

Toy Temp is Eric Emery, Henry Faber, Dann Toliver, and Jennie Faber

Toy Temp
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Super Clipboard Charity Botherer 2: Bother Harder


Ever wanted to experience the highs and lows of being a charity botherer? Well now you can in Super Clipboard Charity Botherer 2: Bother Harder!!

Take to the streets of an accurately recreated UK town and hassle passers by for spare change by retelling your most heart wrenching sob-stories.

Caution: Game contains genuinely saddening stories about squirrels.

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