Springy Sproingy

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Finished version of Healy's "Springy Spoingy" Knytt Stories level. It's a level about bouncing on flowers. In fact almost the entire level is covered in bouncy flowers. If you're good enough you can even bounce all the way to the end without touching the floor!

Environmental, with a few challenge segments. There's an optional bounce challenge that, when completed, gives you a special item.

I feel like this is a bit linear, and my rock formations are nowhere near as extravagant as Healy's. I'm also concerned I don't have enough bouncing action near the end. Still, I'm satisfied with it overall, especially with how I found different ways to incorporate bouncing into gameplay.

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Good level!

Good level! Things:

1) I really liked that you included a secret ending along the lines of those in Nifflas' original levels.

2) You have some very nice colour combinations in the final area.

3) I totally didn't get that those floating vine formations were supposed to be guide arrows until after looking at the level in the editor (though if I'd been aiming to never touch the ground I probably would have figured it out).

4) There's a wallswim at x1011-995-6 because the engine can't handle screen-spanning slopes.

5) Healy's instructions regarding holding S to jump higher are misleading, because you need the high jump power-up to do this and as far as I can tell you never get it.

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Thanks!4. Argh, thanks for


4. Argh, thanks for pointing that out.

5. I figured Healy was referring to the extra... three? pixels you gain if you hold S, so that didn't really occur to me. I was considering putting the high jump in but not for this reason. Decided against it because I wasn't sure how it would add any meaningful gameplay mechanics and I was concerned it would just make it easier to fly off the top of the screen in horizontal segments, making it that much harder to see where to land on the flowers - the level is already bad enough about this and Knytt Stories has the screen height way too small...

Edit: Oops, just realized that there's also a void area above 1022, 998. Clearly I need to test my levels more.

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Regarding number 5 on your

Regarding number 5 on your list, as far as I recall holding S while bouncing on a spring will still let you jump higher, even if you don't have the high jump power-up.

Anyway, good level! I like the look of your bridge section. The last few challenge screens are a bit too much for me, though; I still haven't gotten past that last one.

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On the contrary: what's the

On the contrary: what's the minimum number of bounces you need to make to get to the normal ending?