Hustlin and Huggin


Hustlin and Huggin, catered to this event, formally known as code name punkyspark, showcases what I know up to now.over a dosen frames but a little more laid back in this release, this one Celebrates jazz traditions and invites you to go out and listen to your favorite jazz. You can also press Q if you want to to put your own jazz in with the game .. W resumes the music. The rest of the directions are in-game but are to be unlocked or discovered as knowing directions is a big advantage. I'm quite proud of this one. mouse and arrow keys for movement and left click for some triggering too. good luck!

I edited the animated gif screenshot to make it slower so it isn't as scary. Screenshot of course doesn't quite define the game. I'll attach a couple more screenshots at the bottom. Everyone enjoy, it's my biggest work yet. Let the music take over or quiet it up for your own beats.

Check revisions page if you want to see the changelog on ugg multiplying.

Edit: I think this one might need more documentation. There are some things here that are missing. Not in the game, I think everything in the flash object was executed nicely.. Maybe more screenshots.. I've got some ideas, it might be a little bit to really get it to take off.

Edit: Placeholder special vip thanks to triplefox, the ascii go getter.

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your welcome for being your friend

what can I say? what CAN'T I say? a lot. I like the jazz loop, good long music for your games. The cheering made me think: are they cheering for me? or is it the music. I am always cheering for the music. But maybe it is both.

EDIT: I am wrong on all counts. They are cheering for the game. I cheer with them.

good job

i've never put so many chattering teeth in the trash bin before

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That was actually amazing

That was actually amazing for a trainwreck. :D

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Great jazz!! I liked the

Great jazz!! I liked the jazz so I didn't press "Q". What did you make this with?8-)

Thanks for the view

and from everyone else. I created this in The Games Factory, but did touchups in multimedia fusion 2. It was a lot of fun making and is still my most polished game to date so I'm glad this is the one checked out. Basically clickteam stuff. With it, anything is possible.